Keyword Research Tips for Affiliate Marketing Sites in 2020

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to do keyword research for your affiliate site and find revenue-generating topics.
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Not all traffic to your website will lead to affiliate commissions. And you shouldn’t forcefully plug products just for the sake of getting an affiliate commission either.

People won’t click a link just because it’s there.

You need to find topics that a) get searched in Google, YouTube or whatever search engine you’re optimizing for and b) topics where it’s natural to plug product recommendations.

If you’re new as an affiliate marketer, you’ll need to understand search intent. And in the video, you’ll learn what that is and why that is important to affiliate marketing.

Once you understand the concept of search intent, you’ll learn about the 4 different types of affiliate marketing keywords.

They are:
► General comparisons
► Branded comparisons
► Product reviews
► T&A

The first type of keywords are general comparisons.

These are your typical “Best [product name]” keywords. And these types of affiliate keywords are super easy to recommend products because that’s essentially what the post is about. The keyword, “best” implies that there are comparisons that need to be made.

On top of that, people searching for these “best product name” keywords are likely in the market to purchase something in the near future.

The second type of keywords are branded comparisons. These are keywords where a searcher wants to compare the differences between two branded products.

These types of keywords usually have lower search demand, but they convert well because the searcher has likely narrowed down their purchase decision to a few products.

The third type of keywords are detailed product reviews.

Searchers that are looking for reviews on these topics are probably close to making a purchase. They’ve researched multiple products, and now they want a more in-depth review on one of the products.

The last type of keywords are Trust & Authority keywords, aka T & A.

They don’t directly contribute to your affiliate revenue, but they serve an important purpose. You need backlinks to rank your pages, but most of your pages are commercial in nature, which makes it tough to get links.

So, you’ll need these topics to acquire links and build up your page-level and website authority.

And in this tutorial, you’ll learn how to find all four types of keywords in any affiliate niche.

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