Google SEO • Google Stacks 2020 Update

Google SEO drive stacking and Google Stacks a 2020 update for drive stacks.

So with recent changes the little bit of power that the elements inside of a drive folder had these little bits of power and potency are now gone. As changes to the way a file is severed to end users and the way files inside of the drive are indexed the power behind them is now contained and really only being used for buffers for your other web properties.

Google drive stacks still have a place if your using them as a stack with all of the other properties including AWS along with other web 2.0 properties. But the stand alone power of a doc or a sheet simply is not there and to begin with it was very low.

With all of these changes and everything above being said you can still get old accounts that are aged and will have access to the public post to the web feature.
So with that being said this might be the best option moving forward unless Google decides to phase those out. Also a quick hint for the few of you reading this the API still is working. There are also work around but this is not very helpful for those wanting to start a fresh stack.

So use your stacks to buffer links and to pass power without harm. Also get some old accounts while you can. I hope this video has helped some of your questions related to Google drive stacks and some Google SEO questions.

If you have any other questions related to SEO or Google let me know blow where I am happy to help.
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