Google Stacks – How To Use Google Drive Stack

Google stacks and Google drive stack SEO updates that is the topic of today’s video. I want to cover a few tips when building your drive stacks moving into 2021.

With a lot of recent changes to the free tools being offered by Google a few things need to be built in the entity authority stack a little bit differently.

So if you are using Google properties to create and build a stack be sure to know a lot has changed on the platform. There is still a ton to be gained by using Google entity stacks but the linking and how you link build and build backlinks has to be changed.

What is a Google Stack for SEO?
From an SEO perspective, using Google Drive Stacks leverages the power of the Google domain and trust in order to promote your website both from an increased rankings perspective, as well as from having additional ranking properties in the search results.

Google Stacks use Google Drive it is a free and also paid platform set of tools offered by Google. Drive helps support non-business owners and businesses owners with a tool-set comprised of Google Documents, Google Slides, G-Forms, Sheets , Drawings , Maps and a bunch more very useful tools .

Every document you create on either of these tools like Sheets , Docs etc are then stored inside the Google Drive. You can then publicly and or privately then share each of the documents or other aspects inside of the Google Drive.
These elements all can pass some link juice or power and can be indexed but since the updates it has been a little tricky.

I wanted to update everyone and if you have SEO questions feel free to ask , I am always happy to help.
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