YouTube SEO Tips For Metadata

This Video Will Teach You 2 YouTube SEO Tips For Metadata and optimizing your metadata.

So for quick reference YouTube metadata is just a techie way to explain the titles, descriptions, tags, cards, thumbnails and captions of a You-Tube video.

Metadata can be added while you’re uploading your videos, and you can also edit this information anytime afterward, however it is best to leave it once a video is ranked on the YouTube platform.

So I will teach you (2) two tips in video including.How to optimize your meta data involving your tags for videos and how many is optimal. Also I will cover a quick tip for your subtitles and closed captions that will allow more metadata to be read and have your videos better understood by the algorithm.

Hope this video was insightful if you have other Video SEO questions or YouTube video SEO questions feel free to ask below. Anything search engine optimization video or not feel free to ask about.
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