Noah Kagan on Growing An Audience

In this video, you’ll learn how to build an audience with Noah Kagan.
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In this interview, Tim talks to Noah on how to build an audience, specifically an email list.

Imagine you had an email list of 30,000 people. That’s essentially the size of a soccer stadium. Big companies pay an extraordinary amount of money to reach such a size (think: Super Bowl).

And if you had such a list, who you could reach out to and talk to anytime, that would be a huge advantage.

And in this video, you’ll learn from the master of list building himself, Noah Kagan. Noah Kagan is the founder and CEO of, AppSumo, KingSumo and Okdork.

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00:55 – The most important thing when building an audience
03:20 – How big are Noah’s email lists and subscriber bases?
04:40 – Should people try to be present on different platforms or just focus on one medium?
07:20 – How do you convert people to your email list?
13:35 – Converting people to your email list with giveaways.
14:55 – Crazy thing Noah does to keep his email list clean.
17:49 – How do you keep people engaged after you convert them to your email list?
22:15 – What’s the difference between building an audience for your personal brand vvs. for your business?

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