How to use Google Ads to Improve SEO

In this video, you’ll learn how to use Google ads to improve SEO on both Google and YouTube.
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Keeping SEO and PPC separate is a mistake. You’re missing out on a ton of reliable data that can be used for SEO to gain the long-term benefits of free and passive search traffic from Google and YouTube.

The first use case is to find keywords that result in conversions.

Not every keyword you bid on or rank for is going to result in customers. But Google Ads has a conversion tracking feature that lets you attribute an action on your website to a keyword.

How do you use this feature to find keywords that convert well? You’ll learn how in the video.

The next use case is to find keyword opportunities and pages that can benefit from on-page optimizations.

According to Google, 15% of queries they see every day have never been seen before. That means billions of queries are going unnoticed and if Google doesn’t even know them, then third-party keyword research tools probably won’t either.

How do you use this knowledge to find keyword opportunities? Watch the video to find out.

The next use case is to improve click-through rates on your organic search result.

It’s widely believed that a higher click-through rate can lead to improved rankings. But even if it doesn’t, more clicks equals more visitors.

Now, since search ads allow you to manipulate the title and description, you can try different versions of ad copy to try and find a winning combination.

How do you do this? You’ll learn how in the video.

The next use case is to get backlinks by advertising for queries with “link intent.”

Some pages will naturally earn links consistently simply because they rank at the top of Google. And that’s one of the huge benefits to Google search ads. You can pay to have your page appear at the top of Google’s search results.

But you can’t just advertise for any keyword and expect it to lead to backlinks. Otherwise you’d burn through your budget with little to show.

So the goal is to earn backlinks at a reasonable cost, whatever that might be to you.

The best way to do that is to bid on queries that have so-called “link intent”, meaning, the people searching for the query are actually looking for resources to link to.

You’ll learn who these people are and how to find them in the tutorial.


0:49 Find keywords that result in conversions
3:43 Find pages that can benefit from optimizations
06:10 Improve CTR on organic search results
8:58 Get backlinks by advertising for queries with “link intent”

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