How to use Video Marketing to Grow Your Business

Video marketing is growing. We’ve also used this channel successfully, resulting in more than 100,000 subscribers, millions of views and thousands of new paying customers. In this video, you’ll learn how to use video marketing to grow your business.
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In a 2018 study, 85% of US internet users watched online video content every month. With such high demand for video content, how do we use it to drive revenue?

But first, what is video marketing?

Video marketing is using videos to promote and educate your target audience. It’s also used to increase brand awareness and social engagement, allowing you to reach new and bigger audiences.

Video marketing doesn’t mean you have to create shows or be a personality that people fall head over heels for. A report from Hubspot Research shows that 54% of consumers want to see videos from brands, which was higher than any other content type.

Why is video powerful? A few reasons:

► Allows you to demonstrate concepts faster and more clearly
► Create a personal connection with viewers
► Reach audiences on YouTube

How do you create great video marketing campaigns?

The first step is to define your audience. You’ll learn a few ways on how to define your audience, even if you don’t yet have customers.

The second step is to define a primary objective. And there are 3 main categories for objectives. These are brand awareness, education, and entertainment aka. BEE.

You’ll learn what the differences are and how to choose the right one for your business.

Step 3 is to create content. While there is no exact formula to create a successful video, there are a few things you can do to optimize your video. You’ll learn how long your videos should be, and the format you should use.

You’ll also learn how to overcome some struggles as you start being a video creator.

The final step is how to get views to your videos. You’ll learn 4 strategies we’ve used personally to get more views and how you can too.

Video marketing is insanely powerful, and you should definitely consider doing marketing with video in the months to come.


1:16 – What is video marketing?
3:18 – Understand who is your audience
4:38 – Three types of video objectives
5:50 – What is the best length for the content?
6:48 – Types of video format
9:24 – Overcome your ‘struggles’
12:25 – How to get views to your videos
14:29 – Using paid ads to promote your videos

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