Link Building POWERFUL Backlinks SEO Test

Today we cover link building POWERFUL backlinks the SEO test.
To get down to it we are testing backlinks through a 301 redirect.
But not just any link types we are testing some of the best backlinks you can receive to your website in 2020.

So this video cover SEO testing of a redirect backlink building link type that included massive sites such as.
1. Forbes
2. Huffington Post
3. Live Journal
4. Washington Examiner

Along with many more were supposed to be included within the package. But after giving this test months before showing the results we have came to a lot of conclusions on this link building SEO test.

What we learned from this testing of backlinks?

1. The 301 links caused a spike really fast. And 301 links are a signal.
And compared to other backlinks that we have built in the past and have tested.

2. When getting these services be sure you know what your getting into.

3.You need to have full control of the link building campaign so you know where your backlinks are coming from , this SEO test along with many others have concluded that the more control you have the better off the campaign is.

4. Links of this type might not give the benefit you’re looking for if the original site is completely different than the site or sites the links are pointing to.

There was a lot to learn from this link building test , so I hope that you have learned a lot from my experiments.

If any questions about off page SEO or digital marketing please feel free to ask.

I am always happy to help when and where I can so always feel free to comment or reach out.

Thank you for watching.
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