Local SEO Tips To Boost Google Rankings

Learn local SEO tips to boost google rankings. These tips each tip can be the difference between ranking #1 and ranking #9.
We know how important a proper on-page strategy is to top rankings and that everything starts with content.

Along with that when simplifying local search we are all targeting niche specific niche related citations in order to compete with other business in our niche. And I do not want to dive into link building for local because the list goes on and on when talking about local search engine optimization.

But this video will help you understand a simple yet often overlooked optimization that can make the difference between first spot #1 rankings and #9.

If you have any further questions related to local search marketing or small business local SEO please feel free to ask. I am more than happy to help any way I can with digital marketing and SEO. And thank you for taking the time to watch this search engine optimization video I hope it helps with your organic search results in your city or town.
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