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Want more website traffic – this keyword research tutorial for SEO is for you. SEO tips to for keyword research and the best part is Google already feels your website is about these keywords. So when you create a page or a post covering these terms your pages will almost INSTA-rank.

The keyword research tool is free and easy to use. This tutorial will give you a cool SEO tip that will give you more organic rankings and a better opportunity to increase website traffic.

Here is the step by step tutorial for the readers:

Start by logging into your Google Search Console, where you will then need to click on Export button, which you should find s in your navigation top right hand corner.

Every 10 days go in and download another list and you will find other keywords that where not on the first keyword list download. This gives you more opportunity to get more rankings.

Here you will get website information for the total number of clicks along with the impressions for your website within a date range.

Please note this is the organic search information this has nothing to do with your Google Advertising and the click you might have got from a campaign.

After you have your downloaded search console list of organic keywords you can now import into the Keyword Planner to now see the volumes of impressions these organic keywords are getting.

One you have your list of keywords and the search volume now yo can start planning out web pages or posts to write about and your rankings will be almost instant due to Google thinking your website is already about these terms.
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