Link Building SEO in 2020

Today learn a link building SEO secret for 2020. Building backlinks and indexing links or should I say links and the index. That is what you will learn about today.

So a few months back I conducted a test with a small group (SEO nerds). Actually let me rewind a little bit before we dive into what we tested.

First it is often misunderstood that the search results are the Google index. And that backlinks that are showing or URL’s containing the backlinks from building links in the search results is a link that is passing power, or is it?

So that is the question at hand here , Stanford University a ivy league school has a patent referring to search engines and how indexing of web search pages or web sites is done. I left out the part about Google using the patent within there indexing , parsing , algorithm.

So they created a page that walks though how indexing works , and this white paper on the topic talks about pages , sites and how a page on the web is crawled and indexed along with how it is pre-sorted along with placed into buckets ( they say it a-lot better than this) but the ;long story short is this.

There are two (2) indexes the index that holds the HTML of every single page for the most part on the web along with a sub division of this index that filters these pages to display the search results.

So with all of this said the topic of backlinks and indexing arises quite often and that is how this link building video came to the top of my video list, we conducted a test of a pages indexed then had a no-indx page pass a link to a test page.

This video will show the results to that test along with give a brief explanation of ” The Anatomy Of A Search Engine” a white paper by Stanford University. We will go into detail in this video touching on the fact that we have 2 indexes and if power from a page not in the search results passes power.

If you have questions related to SEO or link building feel free to ask I am always happy to help. Thank you for taking the time.

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