Link Building: SEO Tips For Beginners

Learn exactly how to build links with these expert SEO tips for beginners 2021.

You should not stop with your link-building campaigns in 2020 moving into 2021. however it is not the very first step in an SEO campaign. I recently talked about this in my private group. It is not the first step to build backlinks to your site.

However the first few links that you build are links coming from your social profiles. But aside from link building your main concerns should be your on-page efforts. Also the technical side of your website should play a massive part.

Your web-site should act like a well oiled machine leading your visitors to information or your products or services. Search engine optimization entails all aspects of link building , on and off page SEO. Links are last and add fuel to the rankings.
Content is the cornerstone of the campaign not the links.

So this video I hope will help those beginners that are just jumping into SEO and want to start blasting there sites with backlinks. First steps are website , content , traffic then links.

So to give outline of video:
1. Technical SEO
2. On-Page SEO
3. Then links
And this video will clear up a few things for the person just dipping there toes into digital marketing or running a website and performing optimizations to achive better rankings on search engines like Google.

If you have questions related to building links or getting backlinks or just need some SEO tips feel free to ask below.

I am happy to answer your digital marketing or SEO questions about off page or on page m technical or how to get more backlinks.

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