Local SEO: Google My Business 2020 Tips

Today learn local SEO tips for Google My Business 2020. GMB Optimization tips https://chrispalmermarketing.com/gmb/
Learn GMB strategies to take your business to the next level this video is for you.

Today I am covering my virtual training that is 2 days.
Along with that I want to discuss techniques and answer questions that I have been receiving regarding local business optimization and also GMB question that can help your business.
What is covered in todays live :
1. Today I cover citations for your local business.
2. Building backlinks to your GMB listing
3. Building dofollow citations to your listing.
4. Do I need a website to rank
5. Tips and tricks to ranking in organic local
6. Tips and techniques for ranking your Google My Business listing
7. Getting localized schema on the page
8. Are citations important?
9. Tips for ranking
10. Answering your questions.
11. Traffic and click through rate.

If you want to learn more tips and tricks or how to optimize your liusting please always feel free to ask questions. If you have a new business or you are just staring out in SEO then I have a ton of material covering tutorials and guides that can help with your overall ranking.

Hope you enjoyed this digital marketing local business marketing video and if so let me know. If you need any other help feel free to reach out in the comments below this video.
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