SEO Content Writing For Google Rankings

Want to learn SEO content writing for Google rankings. Learn SEO tips for writing content that is SEO optimized.

But what is optimized and where to you begin that is really where I wanted to go with this tutorial on writing content for your blog , website , niche site or national/ local campaigns.

Note: In video it say anchor text density ( in the txt document) it should have said keyword density I was thinking about another product when writing. It is the keyword density plus 3% to give the total keyword phrase density. The equation parts are below I just wanted to clarify.

So to start this correctly I have to say what is learned in this step by step guide to writing for SEO in 2020.

So what I will teach you is a simple way a algorithmic way to crunch the numbers by mirroring what is ranking on Google.
So first to start you will need a keyword tool or a word counting and density tool like the one showcased in this video.

Or use any other SEO tool that will work for figuring out a density or word count without having to do it manual unless you want to.

So the equation to figure you the perfect or superior content length is as follows.
1. Get 5 seed websites
2. Get there word counts
3. Add them all up
5. Divide by the amount of seed sites in this video I used 5.
6. Then take that average and use that or you can to achieve better results times (x) it by 0.3 to give you an additional word count to add to your total amount of words.

Then to determine density of keywords it is alot like the equation to find out the proper amount of words to have on a document website page but let me walk you through it here:
1. find lead term 1 word or 2
2. See the density that is working on page one
3. Gather all 5 winning density’s percentages
4. Divide all density totals by the amount of densities so total density % ÷ amount of density’s
5. Then take the total or the average of all and add 0.3% to achieve the superior content keyword density for your target word.

This sounds like a lot but if you can perfect the correct amount of words for a key-term along with the proper density to use the lead term and then you can achieve all other factors , including but not limited to links , clicks , traffic , other on page factors , speed , etc so on and so forth get everything correct along with the proper on page you will in time have a #1 ranking web-page for any target medium tail key phrase you go for in 2020.

So this is 1 piece of the SEO puzzle but an important 2 factors for on page SEO in 2020.

If you have any questions regarding SEO or digital marketing please feel free to ask I am always happy to help.
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