SEO: How to Rank #1 on Google in 2021

The biggest SEO tip in 2020 to rank #1 in Google through 2021.

If you have been performing search engine optimization SEO and want a SEO tutorial a guide that will actually teach you SEO . Than this mini crash course will certainly be for you.

What I will cover in this video:

First thing will be the conclusion of SEO for 2020 and what matters as far as ranking and that is matching what is being praised already in the search results.

From on-page SEO and off-page SEO practices that I have found to be game changers since finding this little known strategy for ranking even completive keywords in the the results pages.

Getting to the first page of Google really has not been any easier since coming to this realization. I will walk you through my tactical checklist of how to optimize from my experience.

After you have finished your optimizations for search engines following a step by step blueprint that already exists in the organic rankings that are displayed in the results.

Content is still king and it certainly needs to be LEGIT as some say but after I walk you through step-by-step you will have a much deeper understanding of SEO.

In this SEO video I will walk you through my process of understanding organic rankings and there is one little SEO tip that will give you that YES I GET IT moment!


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