Website Traffic to Rank Page 1 on Google

Website traffic to rank page #1 in Google and the importance of different types of website traffic. Not only traffic to a website but also everything in between is being counted and figured into the algorithm. Understanding traffic and click through will help you better get rankings on Google moving from 2020 into 2021.

Ranking in Google is becoming more complicated so each factor that we can understand is going to help our overall search engine optimization. Ranking a blog or any website for that matter page one or #1 is crucial for any business online in 2020. So I want to walk you through all aspects and the potency of traffic where it comes from and how it is used to rank.

So I will cover short and long clicks to your website and what they are and how they are used. Along with that different types of traffic including brand searches , keyword searches and more targeted searches. And how all of this traffic along with the clicks can impact how you are ranking inside of search engines like Google.

User signals , clicks and traffic are crucial to all websites so you must understand how they work and how they affect your rankings.
I will create more tutorials and how to’s on this subject but this is an introduction to website traffic and how to rank page 1 on Google 2020 and beyond.

If you have questions related to traffic or getting traffic to your websites. Please fee free to ask below where I am happy to answer SEO questions related to the video topic or any other SEO digital marketing questions.

Thank you for taking the time to watch this website traffic to rank page 1 on Google video.

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