Facebook Advertising Tutorial – 4 Costly Misconceptions About Facebook Ads

Even though Facebook advertising has been around for over a decade now, there are still a lot of misconceptions and beliefs about the platform that are just plain wrong. But the worst part is that not only are they wrong, but these wrong beliefs are costing companies a lot of money, and causing them to miss out on an incredible marketing opportunity.

So in today’s episode I’m going to cover 4 costly misconceptions about Facebook advertising, so you can separate the truth from the lies, and get down to business.

Here are 4 Costly Misconceptions About Facebook Advertising

1. My target market isn’t on Facebook

With well over a billion users, your target market is almost certainly on Facebook. The only exception is the 35 and under demographic, but, thanks to Facebooks acquisition of Instagram, you can still use the Facebook advertising platform to market to them there.

2. It won’t work for my business

Facebook advertising is not only being used by the world’s biggest brands such as Marriott, Ford, McDonalds, VISA, Nike, Starbucks, Disney, and American Express, just to name a few, but by businesses of all scopes and sizes.

3. It’s too expensive

Online advertising actually has the lowest cost per impression available when compared to traditional media. It also costs 1% of TV advertising to reach the exact same number of people.

You’re also able to start with only a dollar a day, so Facebook advertising is most definitely NOT too expensive.

4. “We tried it before and it didn’t work”

This costly misconception is likely due to having used the tool without having a solid strategy in place.

Have any other tips on Facebook Advertising?

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