How to Use Instagram Tagging for More Exposure

Want your Instagram posts to be seen by more people? Are you using Instagram tags effectively?

Instagram marketing expert Jenn Herman explains how to strategically use three types of tags to create more exposure on Instagram.

You’ll discover the difference between @ mentioning an account versus tagging an account, learn how and when to use each of these tactics, and find out how to remove your tag from someone else’s post

You’ll also learn why and how to apply Instagram location tags and product tags to your posts.

Finally, you’ll discover how to combine all these tags to give your Instagram feed posts maximum visibility.

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00:00 Intro
00:40 Tagging an Instagram Account vs. @ Mentioning an Instagram Account
01:00 3 Reasons to Tag an Instagram Account in an Instagram Post
02:45 How to Tag an Account in a New Instagram Post
03:45 How to Tag an Account in an Existing Instagram Post
04:20 How to Remove Your Account’s Tag From an Instagram Post
05:05 How to Add a Location Tag to an Instagram Post
06:35 How to Add a Product Tag to an Instagram Post
07:10 A Strategy to Combine Instagram Account Tags, Location Tags and Product Tags

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