How to use Shopify + Pinterest Integration? Selling on Pinterest | Pinterest for Ecommerce (2019)

How to use Shopify + Pinterest? Can you be selling on Pinterest with Shopify? Pinterest for Ecommerce Tutorial
How does Pinterest marketing work for e-commerce sites? Can you connect your Shopify store and Pinterest? And how you can start profitably selling on Pinterest?
Why I am so confident that Pinterest is a great place to promote products for eCommerce sites?


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My video about How to Create a Business Account on Pinterest

Learn how to enable Pinterest Rich pins Shopify stores, how to go to Pinterest, Claim Shopify store and how to enable Shopify Pinterest Product pins. Are Shopify Pinterest Buyable pins even a thing anymore? Nope, Pinterest removed them from the platform some time ago. How to use Shopify Pinterest tag and Shopify Pinterest app.

Use on Shopify Pinterest marketing strategies that I teach in my Pinterest course and you’ll see how your Pinterest traffic grows organically.

Learn how to use Pinterest for Etsy (2019), and how you can verify Etsy shop on Pinterest. Etsy Pinterest integration is done through your Pinterest account Settings – you just need to log in to your Etsy account and this will enable Etsy Rich pins (Product pins) for your shop. Learn how you can sell on Pinterest with Etsy.

Learn how to make Shopify – Pinterest integration and start selling on Pinterest (for eCommerce). Learn how to use Pinterest ads as your Shopify Pinterest sales channel to grow Pinterest traffic. I don’t show in this video any Pinterest eCommerce case study but you will learn that you can use Pinterest ads for eCommerce and in general how to use Pinterest for eCommerce.

Pinterest buyable pins have been discontinued by Pinterest a while ago, so I don’t cover that in the video but you will see how Pinterest Product pins look and how you can get sales from Pinterest with them.

Learn how to drive Pinterest traffic and upgrade your Pinterest eCommerce strategy.


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