To Grow Your YouTube Business, You Need This CEO Mindset [feat. Josh Zimmerman]

Growing a successful business around your YouTube audience requires a different mindset than just being a creator or an “influencer.” Too many creators focus on the creator side of their business, but fail to recognize that they’re actually a CEO and need to think like one in order to make money in their business.

Today, Josh Zimmerman, The Creator Coach, joins us to share more about what that mindset is, how to get it, and what it means for us as creators who are growing a business on YouTube. Learn more about Josh at

CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: Steve started growing his YouTube channel to help people have a better experience and save money when they visit London. After going through, “30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel,” his channel started to grow and people in his target audience started contacting him. He shares his story in today’s episode, as well as what the 3 key things were in the course that sparked growth on his channel. You can check out his channel, “London Visited,” here:

Register for, “30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel,” here:

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