Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 318

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0:00 Intro and announcements

12:48 Does Gmb listing age matter? I have a friend who ranks in multiple busy areas and some of his listings dont have a website or much reviews, but i do know they are like 10 years old.

15:27 Hey guys, I have a writer doing weekly blogs for multiple car dealerships. I make a list of titles for each company, then the writer tackles them each week. However, I just started writing for a second Kia dealer. Should I find a new set of keywords for this dealer, or use the same ones I used in my first Kia dealer? Specifically regarding brand-specific titles like “What’s New in the 2021 Sorento”. Is it okay to have something like that repeated for multiple clients?

18:55 What does the SM/MGYB team have planned for 2021? I’m curious to hear about your vision for SM/MGYB for 2021 and beyond.

24:51 What is up with the testing of the Marco’s way of press release? (Please remind how you do it exactly: Which way you create the links in the PRs? How many? Where to they point? And what anchor texts do you use?)

29:06 Any news with the new rss software? What it does? why is it better than rssmasher?

31:53 Do you use SerpSpace or do you recommend it? Or is it dead for you and therefore should be dead for us also and only mgyb lives now?

32:38 Can Iframe loops be used to index links? So for instance there is a loop and on every page there is also an iframe of a google sheet with links in them?

36:53 My question today when adding keywords to your SEO shield order do you include high ranking competitors names?

40:38 when you are backlinking press releases how long do you wait to see if the backlinks were enough since it takes a while from ordering to delivery. Thanks

49:59 If i purchase the Seo Shield and link building from mgyb done for you will i most likely rank?

53:33 Is this a good sign when google site ranking much better than money site? How to change this situation?

57:19 This is a 2X your agency type of question. I am so bad on the phone that calling a business and asking for email addresses is not at all useful. Are any of you using a service or outsourcers to place calls?

1:00:31 I have a client who is requesting schema (every) review on each of his websites (21) from Yelp, Google, etc. I am not liking this and wonder if this is something I missed in proper seo…

1:03:46 in what order should i purchase mgyb products for local lead gen assets with no websites.

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