Systematizing Your Content That Will Enable Business Growth

Systematizing Your Content Enables Business Growth
Systematizing Your Content Enables Business Growth

Good morning everybody. Dean here, of course. Welcome back to another episode of The Drive here on the journey to the Internet Profits headquarters this morning. The sun is shining but it’s a little bit windy here in the UK.

Yesterday was quite a big day. We got quite a lot done yesterday actually. We’re really kind of systematising our whole content marketing strategy. So you’ll perhaps notice, and if not have a look. You can use it, kind of, as as your own case study to see what we’re doing.

The whole basic thing with these Drive videos is that, once I get to the office I hand them off to my video guy. He then edits them, adds the intro on, then passes them to my marketing assistant now.

So This Is The Whole System We Set Up Yesterday…

This Is The Whole Content Marketing System
This Is Our Whole Content Marketing System

I walk in, hand him the video/the camera. He edits it, produces it, puts the recording onto a USB stick, hands it to my marketing assistant, who then basically takes that video, uploads it onto our YouTube channel, uploads it onto our Facebook fan page.

Then once it’s uploaded onto YouTube, takes that video, embeds it as a blog post. Which is basically where we’re now documenting the journey to helping a hundred thousand entrepreneurs to both start and grow their businesses using the internet.

I think I mentioned yesterday we’re at 1%, so we’ve helped a thousand people start earning money on the internet as it stands right now. Round-a-bout that. So we’ve really, like I say, systematised this whole process now.

What’s exciting about that for me personally, just so you can understand myself – what exactly my thoughts are around this – is that I know that the more content we produce, and this is how – let me explain my thinking on content right. Because…

Content Marketing In Your Business Is Definitely Not An Instant Gratification Thing

You’re not going to create a piece of content and see it necessarily working for you immediately, such as a blog post. But looking long-term, think about this, if you’re watching this and listening to this right now, it means that my content is being consumed by you, right?

Which means hopefully that you’re getting to know me better, hopefully getting to like me, and over a period of time my intention is that hopefully you see how much I can help you, and you have enough trust in me to actually purchase paid products of ours.

The way I ‘picture’ content is almost like a little web. Imagine a spider’s web. The spider basically builds its web in particular places in order to catch insects, in order to catch flies, so that it can eat. Well I see content is almost like a similar thing.

Every time I do one of these Drive videos, every time I create a piece of content and publish it on the Internet, it’s like me casting a web out on the internet that could potentially catch prospects – could potentially catch people that are in my market place, that I can help.


The More Content I Have, The More People I Can Capture Into My World

Does that make sense? (In case you’re wondering we’ve actually stopped at a train line. Got the green juice again.)

And so that’s why, for me now, there’s two approaches. One is how do I create content every day, without it taking up too much of my time? Because if I’m completely honest, it’s tough to stick to a content strategy – for me, definitely for the long term.

Because I could be at the office, for example, in my head I’m thinking well I could create a Facebook ad campaign or I could create a new product that I could sell and make money every time I sell it immediately like this.

But with content, it’s more like – I’ve got to create something in the hope that in future it works for me. Which I know it will, deep down, but you kind of don’t see that straightaway right?

That’s why I’ve devised and came up with this whole idea of The Drive. Because I’m already driving to the office – I’m already utilising this time. Normally I would have, perhaps, the radio on, or just be talking to myself or something stupid.

Dean Holland, "The Drive" Episode 3
Dean Holland, “The Drive” Episode 3

But instead I get to actually talk to myself like this with a camera on, and I get to actually think about what I’m doing in my day, what happened yesterday, what worked, what didn’t. And I can just, y’know like, vocalise this and share this content with you.

A Way Of Creating Content Without Having To Go Out Of My Way To Do It

If you’re similar to me, the reason I say that is, if you’re similar to me and you know deep down well I should probably be doing more content online in order to spread my message more, and get the word out about myself, make more people aware of me and my business.

But you just find there just isn’t enough hours in the day – like perhaps you’ve got a full-time job still right now, y’know. And you’re commuting to your full-time job and you’re working there 9:00 to 5:00.

And then you’re going home, and perhaps you’ve got children or a wife or a husband, or family commitments at home, or perhaps even like me – you’ve got a dog that you get home and you have to let out or walk.

And you’re thinking to yourself, well I know I should be doing those things, but I don’t see how it’s ever possibly going to fit into my schedule.

Well, take the approach like I have – what time do you have in your normal schedule that could be utilised, without really going out of your way. For me, it’s this ten minute drive to get to the office. I put the camera on and hit record – I just talk like this – and I’m sharing content. Then I can basically just publish it online.

And perhaps you don’t have a videographer on your team. Perhaps you don’t have a marketing assistant. Perhaps you don’t have staff. And so you might say well that’s all right you Dean, well I don’t have those people.

Well What You Can Get – Very, Very Low Cost – Is An Outsourcer

You can go to somewhere like Freelancer or oDesk (has it changed from ‘oDesk’? – I don’t even know what it’s called now). You could use one of those freelance sites – you could find a video editor and if you did this every day like me – you’d probably be talking like, just a few bucks a day, to have this all done for you.

So you’re talking like less than a hundred dollars a month, probably like 50 bucks a month, or hundred dollars a month. And you could have somebody publishing your content for you.

All you need to really do, if you set things up correctly, is create the content itself. Which, if you drive to work like me, you don’t have to do video – you could put one of those call recorder apps on your phone, just hit record and do an audio. Then you can put that audio on as a video. You can put that audio as a podcast on iTunes.

One of the things we discussed yesterday was actually taking the audio out of these drive videos and publishing that as a podcast. So what we’re actually doing – once I’ve got about 10 or 15 Drive videos, we’re gonna get all the audio out of them, and these are now going to become podcast as well potentially, if we do go ahead with that.

And So, Always Be Thinking:

(a) How can I create content to publish online to make more people aware of me, without really having to go out of my way too much, so that I can sustain it and stick to it, and…

(b) How do I use that content in so many different ways, so that that one thing that I’ve done each day, is re-purposed and reused and re-utilized and cycled in many different ways, making the one bit of effort that I put in to do that, purpose itself many different times.

Back tomorrow morning for The Importance Of Follow Up Campaigns And Support For Your Customers – the next episode of The Drive.

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