How To Get Rich Without Working: Getting Rich With Little To No Work?

How To Get Rich Without Working, Can You Get Rich With Little To No Work?
How To Get Rich Without Working, Can You Get Rich With Little To No Work?

Dean Holland explains how to get rich without working, or with little to no work. But is this actually possible? Read on to find out what this could mean for your future prosperity.

“Good morning my friend, we are back. Dean here of course. We are on the way to Internet Profits headquarters. It is 7:51 in the morning right now and the sun is shining.

Now I want to answer a simple question today. And that is this…

Is It Possible To Get Rich With No Work, Or Little Work?

It’s kind of a good question. Because y’know, when I first started out and I first discovered – we’re going back to 2004, that kind of era. When we go back there, when I first found that people were making money on the internet, and it was something so bizarre to me.

So like, what!? You can make money online? And I began being fascinated by it. Obsessed with it really. Like trawling all the forums, all the blogs. Consuming every bit of content I could. Reading articles, trawling social media sites.

Wow! This Looks So Easy, Look At All The Money They're Making!
Wow! This Looks So Easy, Look At All The Money They’re Making!

There were different sites back then as well, like Squidoo lenses. People may or may not even know about those, or remember those from that long ago. And I would learn all that I could.

Then before long, I obviously found people’s products and courses. And I remember thinking like, “Hang on a minute! You can just pay a hundred dollars and learn how this rich person is making all this money?”

Follow A Couple Of Steps, And I’ll Be Making Rich Money

And a lot of the sales pages would promise, in not so many terms, riches untold for very little or no work. I remember thinking like, “Wow! This looks so easy. They’re saying it’s so simple. And look at all the results they’re getting. Look at all the money they’re making!”

I remember thinking, “Wow! They make more in seven days than I make in ten years of work! And they’re telling me it’s not very difficult. They’re telling me it doesn’t require a lot of work. That I can just follow a couple of steps, and I’ll be making rich money like they are!”

Not Only Did I Not Get Rich, I Didn't Even Make A Single Sale!
Not Only Did I Not Get Rich, I Didn’t Even Make A Single Sale!

So I started buying the courses, and I’d follow them through to the tee. And it just didn’t happen for me. Not only did I not get rich, I didn’t even make a single sale. And so I’d buy another course that seemed a little bit different. Maybe it would happen this time. And I’d buy another course and I’d think, “Maybe this is the time. This could be the one.”

Twenty Four Years Old And Over $60,000 Of Debt

And I’d do it again, and again, and again. The more courses I bought, the more frustrated I became. The more frustrated I became, the more frantically I started buying. And the more frantically I started buying, the more overwhelmed I was, the more confused I was, the more money I’d lost, the more debt I’d eventually start getting into.

And over the course of about four years I’d maxed out four four credit cards. I had a fifth that had a little bit of spending power on it still. First bank loan I got was to clear the credit cards. The intention was that I would tear the credit cards up, and then that would be it. I would stop getting into debt.

If You Don't Really Want It, You Won't Do What It Takes
If You Don’t Really Want It, You Won’t Do What It Takes

But stupidly I didn’t tear up the credit cards. So I used them again, and then I got another loan. And so in the end, I was in my mid-20s – about twenty four years old – and in over $60,000 of debt. Five credit cards, two bank loans, and living a complete hell.

But… [sarcasm] The ‘good’ thing was, is that you could follow a product, buy a course for fifty bucks, and get rich quick with little to no work.

And Here’s The Truth, Right?

It is hard work to change your life. It requires dedication, commitment, sacrifice, and time, money, and effort. And you’ve got to really want it. Because if you don’t really want it, you won’t do what it takes.

And the reason I share this message with you is… Because, until you accept that reality, you will never get rich. You will never get what you want.

It's Harder Earlier On, But It Gets Easier When You Start Getting Results
It’s Harder Earlier On, But It Gets Easier When You Start Getting Results

When I say ‘rich’ by the way, rich means different things, success means different things to different people. Rich could mean simply making an extra few hundred dollars a month to you, right? And just having that extra comfort. Or rich could mean making millions of dollars.

I don’t know what ‘rich’ or ‘success’ means to you. But if you want it, you’ve got to TRULY want it. You’ve got to understand the reality.

Now Here’s The Great News

If you are doing what you love, which – to start with maybe you won’t be. Because it’s gonna require a lot of sacrifice. If you’re working a full-time job and you’re trying to build a business as well, it takes a lot of sacrifice, right?

And so you’re gonna have to sometimes spend time on it when you’d rather be doing something else, okay? So it’s harder earlier on. But it gets easier when you start getting the results. It gets easier when you start seeing the sacrifices paying off. And it gets easier when things start becoming more enjoyable.

I Don't 'Work' A Day In My Life Anymore Because I Frickin Love What I Do!
I Don’t ‘Work’ A Day In My Life Anymore… Because I Frickin Love What I Do!

Because you end up in a situation where I am so grateful to be right now. Where you can actually run a business, have everything that you want, and yet still never ‘work’ a day in your life.

Now what do I mean by that? Because it’s 7:57 in the morning right now. And yet here I am at Internet Profits HQ ready to start my day, build my business, and keep doing everything that we do. Growing and scaling, and working on some amazing things.

I work hard, and I work smart. And I put in the hours. But yeah, I don’t ‘work’ a day in my life anymore. Like, why? Because I frickin love what I do!

And so it gets easier. That’s the good news, that’s the tipping point you’re looking for. You’re gonna have to work hard, you’re gonna have to sacrifice. And at times you’re gonna have to do things when you’d rather be doing other stuff. But the payoff is absolutely worth it.

And So, Can You Get Rich With Little To No Work?

You can. Once you’ve done all the hard work, once you put in the effort, the time, the energy, the money, the sacrifice, the dedication, the commitment. And then you can end up in a situation where you never have to ‘work’ a day in your life. Because you’ll just be doing what you love, and that’s truly worth it.

With that said, I hope this message was worthwhile. Have a great day. Let’s kick this off with a bang, so you can do what you love and never work a single day, whilst getting rich doing it.

So take care my friend. Thank you for watching. This is Dean Holland signing out.

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