Feeling Overwhelmed In Business Or Life? Try This Mind Cleansing Technique

Feeling Overwhelmed In Business Or Life? Try This Mind Cleansing Technique
Feeling Overwhelmed In Business Or Life? Try This Mind Cleansing Technique

Quick question… Do you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed, lost, or confused in your business? Like you’ve got so many tasks, or so much to do, and you just don’t know where to start. And sometimes it can just paralyse you, and make you not do anything, or not enough?

Well that’s what I want to solve for you with an awesome and effective, yet very simple technique. And I’m now going to share it with you in today’s Drive episode. So let’s do this…

Good morning, how are you doing? Dean here of course, en route to the Internet Profits HQ. As I said in the introduction, you’re gonna love this simple technique I’ve got to share with you today. Especially if you do find that sometimes you’re…

Feeling Overwhelmed With Everything?

Like there’s so much to do in your business and also in your life. And you’re juggling so many different things, that you get almost, y’know, overloaded with it all and end up feeling overwhelmed.

So I want to share this simple tactic with you. And it involves going back to simple, traditional pen and paper strategy.

Now of course, you can do this on your computer if you really prefer to use the technology. But I like going back to pen and paper, notepad and pen, something like that for this. And sometimes a large piece of paper as well, depending on how much I’ve really got going on up here.

The Brain Dump Mind Cleansing Technique
The Brain Dump Mind Cleansing Technique

Here’s How It Works…

Firstly, you’re going to take your piece of paper, or whatever it is that you’re using. And you’re going to divide it into two.

So draw a line down the centre and divide your piece of paper up into two halves. On the left hand side of the paper at the top, I want you to write in big, bold letters… And underline it… The word, “Everything”, okay?

In this side, this is where you do what I refer to often as a “brain dump”.

Often when we’re overloaded with things, it can be so overwhelming and like overloading in our brain, that we struggle to think. It’s like…

“Oh My Gosh, Where Do I Begin?”

…y’know. And you’re feeling that way.

So on the left hand side, where you wrote “Everything” at the top, I want you to do a brain dump. And every single thing that’s in your head, whether it’s business or personal, everything you feel is on your mind right now, that’s up in your head…


I want you to write it down on this piece of paper in that column that says, “Everything” right? And for some of you, it’s gonna be really really packed and full. For others, not so much.

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 92
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 92

But literally get everything out your head, until you cannot think of anything anymore, right? So literally it’s like a cleanse. It’s like…

I Call It A “Brain Dump”

You’re getting everything out of your head, and onto that piece of paper, okay?

Now already doing that, you should actually start to feel a sense of relief from feeling overwhelmed. Because one of the biggest problems I find when we feel this way, is you’ve got it all trapped up in your brain, in your head, and it just ‘fries’ your mind.

So that’s the first thing. Now when you’ve done that, and you’ve exhausted everything, and you’ve got all of it out of your head. You’ve got nothing else going on up here, because it’s all on that bit of paper.

Then on the other half that’s blank, I want you to put the heading at the top, “What Matters Now” okay?

“What Matters NOW” ~ and then…

…what I want you to do is, looking at everything that’s in the left column, I want you to decide which are the most important things for you to do now. What’s going to make the biggest positive impact in both your business and your life, okay?

The biggest positive impact in both your business and your life!

"What Matters Now" = Things That Produce The Most Significant Results
“What Matters Now” = Things That Produce The Most Significant Results

Now depending on where your business is at, I would suggest that the things you move into the “What Matters Now” column, are the things that are going to produce the most significant results.

So what are those things that are going to build your business. Those things that’ll make…

The Most Sales And The Most Money…

…and impact the most people. Those that will give the most value to your customers and audience… Out of that list, okay?

Just focus on the most important things. That’s it. Don’t worry about all the other bits, just what matters now.

What are the most impactful things on your mind that you could focus on today, or this week, to make the largest impact in both your business and your life, okay?

And be really strict with yourself here.

Because the reason you’re not moving forwards fast enough, or you feel overwhelmed, is because you’ve got too much going on up here. And you’re potentially trying to do too many things at the same time.

Column 1: "Brain Dump" | Column 2: "What Matters Now"
Column 1: “Brain Dump” | Column 2: “What Matters Now”

So that is it. That’s what you do…

When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

So you’ve got one column that’s a brain dump of everything, and then the other half is what matters now.

And when you’ve done that exercise, you focus only on what’s in the “What Matters Now” side.

In fact take your piece of paper and fold it in half, so you can now only see the “What Matters Now” column. And you don’t look at the “Everything” side, until all the stuff on the “What Matters Now” side is done.

That’s my simple strategy and technique for cleansing and getting everything out my head, so I stop feeling overwhelmed. Then being able to focus on the most important tasks, to get the most impact, and the most results out of my day / out of my time / out of my efforts – in both my business, and my life.

If you like this please do share, please like. And of course tune in again for “How To Accomplish Goals And Overcome Resistance“, another episode of The Drive.

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2 thoughts on “Feeling Overwhelmed In Business Or Life? Try This Mind Cleansing Technique

  • March 28, 2019 at 11:30 am

    Thank you for the brain dump activity. When we have racing thoughts, writing down our thoughts helps them drop out of the race. It’s excellent to have the second column to keep the brain focused on “what matters now.”

    • April 5, 2019 at 8:59 am

      Agreed! And physically writing things down on paper seems to work better for me.
      Thanks Brenda, for taking the time to comment.

      ~ Matt


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