How To Accomplish Goals And Overcome Resistance To Change

How To Accomplish Goals And Overcome Resistance To Change
How To Accomplish Goals And Overcome Resistance To Change

A useful and practical tip today on how to accomplish goals and overcome resistance when approaching any business task, or indeed anything you know you’ve got to get done, but are procrastinating about.

I want to share with you how you can literally overcome and accomplish anything you want, both in your business and in your personal life.

How To Accomplish Goals

Good morning! It is a bright and beautiful morning here in sunny England, which I can’t say too many times. I hope you’re well, hope you’re ready for an awesome day today.

So what am I talking about then, when I say, “Here’s how you can literally accomplish and achieve anything and everything that you want in your life.”

Whether that’s a business accomplishment that you’re looking to achieve, or something you’re looking to get done.

Whether that’s a task or a particular thing that you need to get done in your personal life. Or whether it’s a fitness goal – whether it’s starting to work out or, y’know, shed some pounds or get in better shape, or whether it’s to have a better diet.

First Of All, Let Me Just Address Something…

Many Believe That To Change Takes A Lot Of Work And Time
Many Believe That To Change Takes A Lot Of Work And Time

It is built into our genetics almost, it is built into our society as humans for us to believe that – change takes a long time.

Okay, think about it. We all believe that to change takes a lot of work, and a lot of time, right? It’s just kind of ingrained in us, built into us.

But the truth is, if you think about it, and I mean really think about it – it’s not change that takes a long time. It is making the decision to change that takes a long time.

The First Person That Got Me Thinking About This, Was Tony Robbins

And it’s absolutely true. Once you open your mind to this, and you’re open to the possibilities of it, if you think about it, what takes a long time?

Change actually happens in an instant. You can change right now. But what takes a long time for a lot of people, is coming to the point where they are ready to change.

It is mostly a mindset thing. And so here’s how you can change that, and how I say you can accomplish and achieve anything you ever want to, starting right now…

You need to realise that what prevents you from taking the actions you need to take, in order to change – is because you have associated…

More Pain Than Pleasure

…to these actions. So then, on to how to achieve your goals.

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 94
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 94

If I think about myself, for example, for years I’ve been saying I want to eat healthier, workout and exercise more, go to the gym more frequently. But why don’t I always do it? And why have I struggled in the past with it?

Well it’s because, when it comes to going to the gym, I’m like, (groan). You know that feeling like part of me wants to… but there’s no real desire or enthusiasm. And you say to yourself, “Y’know what, I’ll do it tomorrow”, and you put it off.

It’s the same with eating, right? I always laugh – I have this funny analogy that I always call,

‘The Monday Syndrome’

…when it comes to eating healthy. Because I’ll end up eating poorly all week, or for a few days in the week, and I’ll think, “As of Monday this has got to stop!”

I’m going to eat better and to stop eating takeout food. And I’ll stop eating bad foods – as of Monday, that’s the change. Then Monday comes and you don’t plan for it properly, you don’t prepare. And so you don’t end up doing what you said you’d do on the Monday.

So I call it the Monday syndrome, because you end up saying, “Oh now it’s Tuesday”, “Now it’s Wednesday”… Right? “Okay, next Monday, that is it! That’s gonna be the big change day.”

Associate More Pleasure Than Pain To The Outcome Of Change
Associate More Pleasure Than Pain To The Outcome Of Change

The Way In Which You Can Change That Is…

…you need to associate more pleasure to the outcome of change, than you do the pain.

For me, for example, if I’m going to go to the gym, or if I’m going to accomplish this thing in my business that’s seemingly a lot of work, and I’m associating pain with doing all that work, and I’m like, “Oh my god, it seems so tough, seems so painful.”

And so, associating so much pain with an outcome, or with a task, or with an action, puts you off taking that action.

But what you have to do is (and this is the way out of it…) you have to associate pleasure, you have to…

Associate Massive Pleasure With That Thing

So instead of thinking, “Oh my gosh, in order to do that thing, there’s so much pain attached to the action.” Instead you need to attach the pleasure. Like if I do this action, then I’m going to get this outcome, “Ahh, that outcome is what I really want.” And you think about the pleasure.

For me, going to the gym, eating healthy, eating clean, exercising more… what is the pleasure?

Well, the pleasure is feeling better, more alert, more alive, living longer, feeling more energetic. Instead of feeling sluggish, tired and down. You know what I mean?

Think About Pleasurable Outcomes To Overcome Resistance To Change
Think About Pleasurable Outcomes To Overcome Resistance To Change

And so think about it. Because in our businesses, for example, more often than not…

We Procrastinate On Certain Actions Because…

…we attach so much pain to doing that thing. So that often it’s easier to go in a different direction.

This is why I think a lot of times people just keep circling around, staying in this hamster wheel in their business. Not moving forward, staying stuck in one place.

It’s because they’re attaching so much pain to doing that thing, that it’s easier sometimes to try something that is different. Does that make sense?

How To Accomplish Goals And Overcome Resistance

And so, in order to turn this around, you’ve got to attach, you’ve got to associate massive pleasure to the outcome of doing that thing. So doing that thing just becomes simple and straightforward, and you’re happy to do it because there’s so much pleasure for the outcome that’s on the other side.

That’s my big ‘how to accomplish goals’ tip for how you can literally overcome anything, accomplish anything, and get anything done that you need to… both in your business and in your life.

I hope you enjoyed this message. And I will, of course, see you back in “Website Traffic Sources: You Should Never Have A Web Traffic Problem“, another episode of The Drive.

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