Website Traffic Sources: You Should Never Have A Web Traffic Problem

Website Traffic Sources: You Should Never Have A Web Traffic Problem
Website Traffic Sources: You Should Never Have A Web Traffic Problem

This is a big important message today (about finding website traffic sources).

Hey what’s going on guys. It’s Dean here. Welcome to my balcony here on vacation in Cyprus. You can see the Sun setting behind me. It is amazing! It is beautiful. But I still wanted to give you this message and share this value with you.

So we’re gonna have a sit down for a few minutes, and we’re gonna talk about something incredibly important. I see a lot of people, both Certified Partners, and clients, and customers… a lot of people are struggling to get website traffic right now. The thing is…

Nobody Should Ever, EVER Have A Website Traffic Problem!

Because there are so many website traffic sources available… (Click here for my FREE traffic training video…) Let me say that again, “You should never have a website traffic problem!”

Now the reason is… look all these website traffic sources, where there are infinite, practically infinite amounts of traffic available:

  • Facebook…
  • Google…
  • GDN…
  • YouTube…
  • Instagram…
  • Twitter…
  • Native ads…
  • Email buys, banner ads, media buys, and the list could go on and on and on.
Your Problem Is More Likely Conversions, Rather Than Website Traffic
Your Problem Is More Likely Conversions, Rather Than Website Traffic

The problem isn’t how to get website traffic. The problem is converting the traffic. And this is what I want to talk about. I don’t want to talk about the conversions of a sales page, the conversions of an offer… I want to talk about…

Where The REAL Money Is Found In Your Business

And that is in the follow up with your audiences, e.g. the follow up with your email list. This is one that we could definitely focus in on here.

You see we’ve got, for example, Certified Partners and clients here at Internet Profits, where they are getting web traffic, they’re building their email list, and they’re not following up consistently and communicating effectively with that audience in order to convert them.

I stress again, like I just said, you will not have a website traffic problem. You will most likely always have a conversion problem. And the main point where you can affect that, is in the follow up with your audiences.

So, A Few Pieces Of Advice…

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 96
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 96

One: Are you communicating with your list every single day? Not once or twice a week, not a few times a week, every single day! Because if you’re not, then you are losing their attention. Particularly if they just joined your list.

You have to think about where the origin of that subscriber came from. If you’re using email buys, for example, otherwise known as solo ads, then your email lists, your subscribers, are no doubt receiving dozens of emails every day from other people.

You Have To Find A Way To Stand Out

Consistency is one of those ways. And you have to, second of all, find your voice. You only find this over time. It takes time. It takes practice. You’re going to have to hone that craft, master that craft, okay?

And so this is what I really wanted to talk about. Because I see this all the time. One: I wanted to come here today, sharing in this message that you do not have a website traffic problem… you have a conversion problem.

Website Conversion Tip: Get Your Audience To Know, Like, And Trust You
Website Conversion Tip: Get Your Audience To Know, Like, And Trust You

Because if you’re converting your list, you’re converting your audiences, then you will never struggle to get as much website traffic in your business as you would ever possibly want, right? That make sense?

Okay and the second thing is; the way to help solve that problem is communicate consistently with your audience, with a focus on converting them, with that consistent communication, to…

Get Them To Know You, Like You, And Trust You

And second of all, the way in which you do that is… You continue to seek to find your voice. Who are you? What is your character? What makes you relate-able to your audience? What makes you somebody they should listen to and follow?

Create An Audience With Which You Communicate Consistently
Create An Audience With Which You Communicate Consistently

Now we can no doubt go into this in much greater detail in future. But I wanted to share this message today, based on a few comments that I saw.

I literally had five minutes on Facebook today, while I was having some down time in the room here. And so I wanted to talk about it.

Website Traffic Is Not Your Problem… Conversions Are, Alright?

So if you’re building a list, you’re sourcing website traffic, you’re creating an audience… Make sure you’re communicating consistently, following up, and giving them a reason to listen to you, okay? Focus on converting that audience.

So with that said guys, until next time with “The Unpleasant Truth About The Internet Marketing Business World“, this is Dean signing out.

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