The Unpleasant Truth About The Internet Marketing Business World

Internet Marketing Business

Some of you are not going to be ready to hear this message. But it’s the truth about the internet marketing business, and it’s time for me to share it.

Hey guys, what’s going on? It’s Dean here of course, coming to you live from Cyprus here just on the beach. Hardly anyone around. It’s like 6:00 in the morning, and it’s amazing.

Internet ProfitsI’ve been sitting here for for a little while now, just reflecting about everything. Reflecting about life, reflecting about the internet marketing business, and about how much things have changed.

There was a time in my life – and it wasn’t that long ago – where I couldn’t afford to be here. I couldn’t afford to fly, or to go on vacations. I couldn’t afford anything really, other than to just exist.

And over the years… gosh, over the last nine years, all of that’s changed. But it hasn’t been easy.

And I want to talk about…

The Real Truth About The Internet Marketing Business

Because no one really does. No one really talks about the reality behind this internet marketing business.

Because the truth is; online marketing and the internet, and using it for the ability to grow business, can change your life dramatically, like it has mine.

For a young guy that left left school at 16, with no real qualifications, no real direction in life, not knowing what he wanted to do… to now sitting here on this beach. It’s just incredible!

So what is the truth then? Well the reality is that now, and for the rest of my life in my business… it’s time to take a huge stand against…

Anyone That Pushes Or Touts Get-Rich-Quick Garbage

There are different sectors and different people within the internet marketing space. And you need to understand that there really is no such thing as get-rich-quick here.

Dean Holland - The Drive E97

When you know what you’re doing. And when you have a proven process, and you have all the right things in place… can you make a lot of money relatively quickly? Yes, absolutely!

But there’s like a timeline of things that have to take place. You have to learn… you have to understand enough… you have to know what’s going on…

You Have To Understand Things Like…

What is/are…

…a squeeze page?
…list building?
…traffic generation, and how d’you do it?
…a sales funnel?
…physical vs digital products
…email marketing, and how d’you do it?
…what is my “voice” and how do I find it?

There are many aspects, many facets to online marketing, and having a business online. You can’t just turn up, expect to push a few buttons… one, two, three…

And Like Magic, Now I’m A Millionaire!

Digital Marketing Business

It’s not gonna happen. And the reason I’m so passionate about this, is because I was tricked by it, I was fooled by it for so long. Like I truly did believe there was such a thing as getting rich quick.

I truly did believe that I could buy a piece of software and flood my sites with traffic, and flood my bank account with affiliate commissions. And the reality is… it’s all BS!

It’s not true! You have to learn what it’s all about. You have to learn what to do. And you have to consistently and relentlessly implement. And then review what’s happening, and optimise.

When you can do that, and when you have the right things in place, you can absolutely change your life.

But until you accept and realise that this is a business. And the business is centred around…

Giving Value To Others, In Exchange For Value Back

Y’know… Why do I create this content? Hopefully you’re getting some value from it. Even if just one golden nugget comes out of one of these videos I publish online, then it’s worth doing.

And that’s what it’s all about ultimately, when it comes down to it. Like, you need to understand when you’re marketing online… Even though we’re operating in an online space, every time a sale or an order comes through, or a subscriber joins your list even…

…That is a REAL person, like you, like me… somewhere else in the world, that is opting in or purchasing that product. And they’re expecting an exchange of value to take place, because that’s all money is really, right?

Internet Marketing Business

It’s a token of value. And whenever you spend that token of value in your life, and whenever you expect others to do so… you and they are expecting an exchange of value to take place.

You cannot get money for nothing. You cannot get value for nothing. You’ve got to exchange it for something. And when people are purchasing from you, and when you are growing a business… there is an exchange of value that takes place.

That’s why…

You Often Hear Successful Entrepreneurs Say…

…that your income is directly relative to the amount of value which you’re giving and serving to your marketplace. And it’s absolutely true.

And so the concepts of getting rich quick, without any real work, any real value… is nonsense!

Online Marketing Business

And if anyone ever tells you differently, you run! You turn and run in the complete other direction. Because it’s not true.

To build a business does take some work, does take some effort, does take some education, and it takes relentless and consistent application of what you’re doing, every single day.

You have to keep focused… And when you do all that, your life can change. That’s the truth.

If you believe in this message, and if you agree with what I’m saying, I’d love for you to spread this message. Because too many people are being tricked and led astray with false promises.

I Need You To Take A Stand With Me

For us to take a stand together, and say we will not accept this anymore.

We are standing up against those that push get-rich-quick garbage. And we are now saying that the following is the real truth about internet marketing…

You need to build a business centred around giving value to others. And in exchange, you’ll receive value back.

If you agree with this, and you’re on Facebook or other social media… please share this post.

Then I can continue to share my value with you, and help you build a real, sustainable, and scalable business… that can change your life for good!

So with that said, until next time with “Habits Of Successful People: 3 Traits Found In Online Entrepreneurs And Millionaires” …this is Dean Holland of Internet Profits, signing out from this beautiful beach in Cyprus.

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