How To Get Anything You Want In Life In Just 3 Simple Steps

How To Get Anything You Want In Life In 3 Simple Steps
How To Get Anything You Want In Life In 3 Simple Steps

These three fundamental steps are key to achieving success at anything in life. So if you’re wondering how to get anything you want in life, make sure you check this out below to fully understand the power of following these three steps…

“Dean Holland here of course. Thank you for taking this journey with me all the way to Internet Profits HQ. It is 7:50 am and the sun is shining.

I want to share with you today how you can accomplish anything, literally.

If you want…

  • to get rich?… I’m gonna tell you how to get rich.
  • to have more freedom?… I’m gonna tell you how to have more freedom.
  • more security?… I’m gonna tell you how to have it.
  • more fun?… I’m gonna tell you how to have it.
  • to provide more?… I’m gonna tell you how to do it.
This Is Pretty Straightforward, But Most People Struggle With It
This Is Pretty Straightforward, But Most People Struggle With It

If you simply want to do anything and everything in your life?… Right now, I’m gonna give you the three tips to accomplishing anything. A three step process to being able to do anything you want in the world, in your life. For you, your family, your loved ones, your friends, your associates, whoever, right?

How To Get Anything You Want In Life In Three Steps

This is pretty straightforward as well. But yeah, most people struggle with it. I know I used to. For a long time in my life I struggled to get anywhere. I said that I wanted to…

  • be able to quit my job that I hated.
  • get out of that job and run my own business.
  • work from home or have the freedom or flexibility to work anywhere.

Yet I wasn’t doing it. I wasn’t getting there, I wasn’t accomplishing anything. In fact, I was going backwards. So why? And how have I been able to turn that around now? To basically have – not everything that I want today – but I’m working on it still.

If Your Dreams Don't Shock Your Friends, They're Not Big Enough
If Your Dreams Don’t Shock Your Friends, They’re Not Big Enough

But I’ve certainly ticked off a lot of what I wanted to accomplish. So here’s how it’s done…

Step Number One To Accomplishing Anything You Want In Life…

…is to set the intention. To actually say what you want, and not be afraid by what other people might tell you.

Y’know, I heard something rather interesting yesterday. Somebody said in an audio I was listening to, “If you can tell your friends your dreams and they are not shocked, they’re not big enough. They’re not ‘out there’ enough.” Interesting, right?

So, set an intention is step number one. Say what you want to do. Set your intention, make a statement, set an intention of exactly what you want in your life.

Step number two: Create a plan. Setting an intention is the one that most people are okay with. Everybody’s pretty okay most of the time with saying what they want. In fact, many people are more okay with saying what they DON’T want, right? “I don’t want this. I don’t want that.” They’re focusing on what they don’t want. You need to focus on what you DO want.

Don't Plan Every Nitty-Gritty Detail, You Just Have To Devise A Plan
Don’t Plan Every Nitty-Gritty Detail, You Just Have To Devise A Plan

Step Number Two – Create This…

But then the second step… Setting an intention isn’t going to make it happen, right? Having a dream doesn’t make it turn into a reality. So you need a plan. Set your intention is number one. Then number two, create a plan for accomplishing said thing.

So if I say that I want to grow a recurring income of three thousand dollars a month, and here’s why. So my intention is, “I want to make a recurring income online of three thousand dollars a month because I want XYZ.” There’s my intention.

Now my plan will be, “Okay so how am I going to create a recurring income?” So for example, I could do a membership site. What is that membership site going to be about? How am I going to deliver it, host it, and fulfil it? Start working out the plan. How am I going to do it? What is it gonna be?

You don’t have to plan every nitty-gritty detail. Don’t get caught up in the tiny details. You just have to devise a plan. Don’t just set an intention and sit there twiddling your thumbs. Devise a plan.

"Aw, I Was Looking For A Big Secret Dean!" Well There It Is!
“Aw, I Was Looking For A Big Secret Dean!” Well There It Is!

Now when you’ve got a plan… And I’m gonna give you the simplified version of this – how to accomplish anything. So you’ve set your intention. You’ve said what you want and why. Then you say here’s what I’m gonna do, and here’s how I’m gonna do it, okay? You’ve got a plan. Or at least the basis of a plan.

Step Number Three – Do This…

You know what step number three is? Take action. Big shock, Right? “Aw, I was looking for a big secret, Dean!” Well there it is: Take action. Do it. It’s not good enough to say what you’re going to do, or what you want. Now you’ve got to do it, alright?

So, three steps to accomplishing anything you want in life…

  1. Set your intention. Say what you want, and why.
  2. Devise a plan. How are you gonna do it? What are you going to do and how.
  3. Do it. And do it consistently – don’t stop.
"That's Ridiculous, Obvious!..." Then Why Aren't You Doing It?
“That’s Ridiculous, Obvious!…” Then Why Aren’t You Doing It?

If you think about it… I know some of you might have already switched off. You might’ve already said, “That was ridiculous! That’s obvious.” Well, why aren’t you doing it then? If it’s so obvious, why aren’t you doing it, right?

You see, if you’re not accomplishing the things you want in your life. Whether that is to eat healthier… Let’s look at different scenarios, not just business. Say you want to get healthier and lose weight so you can be around more for your family, have more energy to be with your children, grandchildren, whatever.

How To Get Anything You Want In Life In Three Steps

Set your intention, “I want to lose ten pounds. Here’s why.”

The plan. I’m going to cut out processed foods. And I’m going to walk for thirty minutes every morning, and thirty minutes every evening. There’s my plan.

Now do it. Cut out the processed foods, eat more vegetables or whatever your plan was, and walk.

Set An Intention, Create A Plan, Do It - Works For Everything
Set An Intention, Create A Plan, Do It – Works For Everything

So you see really, it is a simple process of three steps to accomplish in anything. But the reality is, the reason most people aren’t doing the things that they say they want in life, is because they’re lacking one of those (or all of those) three things.

Want to build a successful business? Set an intention, create a plan, do it. You want to lose weight? Set an intention, create a plan, do it. Works for everything, and it sounds so simple that most people don’t do it.

Because most people are looking for the complex, complicated version of how to accomplish anything. And it really comes down to those three steps: Set an intention, create a plan, do it.

Alright, I’ll leave you with that one. So with that said, have a great rest of your day. I’m gonna jump in now and get mine started. And I will of course see you again next time with another episode of The Drive. Until then, take care.”

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    You have written beautifully how to get anything in life first two steps are okay but the third step is very taugh as we can’t do anything consistently we become impatience we want the result quickly and sometimes we just give up. Very nice article. Loved to read it ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’–๐ŸŒน

    • September 15, 2021 at 8:26 am

      Simple steps, but certainly not easy. The steps (2 and 3 especially) are of course inextricably linked. It’s so critical to develop or acquire a clear and proven plan or roadmap that can be followed consistently to achieve the results you’re after.
      Thanks for your kind comment.

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