How To Start Your Day: An Amazing Thing Happens Every Morning

How To Start Your Day
How To Start Your Day – An Amazing Thing Happens Every Morning

When you wake up, you always choose how to start your day, whether you realise it or not. Here’s some great advice for how to start your day off right, happy, productively and positive. Help and inspiration is at hand for how to start a good day, and to go on to design your life…

“Something amazing happens every single morning, to you and to me. Most people don’t even realise it, and it’s time to bring it out. It’s time to make you aware…

Good morning everybody. Dean here, of course. Welcome to another episode of The Drive. Thank you for joining me here on this journey to the Internet Profits offices.

I hope you had a great day yesterday. I had an amazing day yesterday. In fact, you know what I’ve been realising… Ever since I did my juice detox recently, and ever since I’ve dramatically shifted my eating habits – detoxed myself off sugars and junk food… I have felt absolutely amazing!

How To Start Your Day Happy
At 6 p.m. I’ll Still Have The Same Energy And Focus That I Have Now

Every day I’m up and out, and I feel great, I feel happy… At the end of the day I feel exactly the same. Before, it was getting to like one or two o’clock in the afternoon and I knew my focus was gone. I was slowing down.

And now it can be like – right now it’s just after 8 a.m. – it’ll probably be 6:00 p.m. when I leave the office later, and I’ll feel exactly the same way as I do now…

Same Energy Levels, Same Focus, Same Drive, Same Happiness

…and just an amazing feeling, which is great.

But with that said, I had a bit of bad news in the last 24-48 hours. Pretty sad.

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 161
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 161

So when I first discovered people are making money online… When I first went on a search for ways to make some extra money… I didn’t start out wanting to build a company like I have. And I didn’t start out wanting a team, wanting to make millions… It just wasn’t really in the scope of what I was looking to accomplish.

I’ll be honest. I was in a job. The pay wasn’t that great, and so I wanted more. And that’s what led me to find internet marketing. At that time in my life, I was actually working in a pub, in a bar. I worked there like, five/six days a week, two shifts a day. The people that I worked for were Debbie and Graham, the landlady and landlord of the pub.

I just got news that Debbie sadly passed away. She was only in her 50’s. And it turns out Graham, her husband, had come home from work on Friday of last week – just a few days back – and had sadly found her at home passed away. I don’t know anything more at this stage.

How To Start Your Day Off Right
Don’t Be Too Late To Take A Risk, To Get The Life You Desire

But, y’know… It’s another big reminder. And I think all of us – we have these ‘reminders’ every single week in our lives, in one way or another. Whether it’s in someone we personally know, or a friend of a friend, or an acquaintance, or through stuff that we see, and read, and experience…

You Realise It Could Happen – Just Like That!

Everybody’s planning for the future. In this industry particularly, I see people afraid to invest, afraid to pull out a credit card.

Afraid to spend their some of their savings on trying to better their life, on trying to get where they want to be, on trying to provide more. On trying to be happier, and live a life of being happy doing something they’re happy doing…

Because they’re saving for the future. Or they’re worried about, what if it doesn’t work out… Well, what if you drop dead next week? And you’d lived a life, for years, of being afraid to do stuff. Y’know, wouldn’t that suck?

How To Start Your Day Productively
No Regrets… When You DO Something, Every Single Day, To Design Your Life

I think there’s been research done, with people who are in the last stages of their life. And they’ve spoke about their regrets, which have been stuff like not taking more risks, caring too much about what others thought of them, planning for the future that may never have come – and for some people hasn’t come. Just makes you think.

I realised something… That every single day, both you, me and everyone else… We have the ability to DO something every single day, where most people won’t. The ability to decide how we’re going to live…

We Have The Ability To Design Our Life, Every Day

Now am I saying that, if you’re in a full-time job that you don’t necessarily want to be in, you’re looking to build an online business that can replace that… Am I saying that before you’re in a certain situation – just get up today walk out on that job, and to hell with all your responsibilities in life? No!

How To Start Your Day Positive
95 Percent Of The Time, You’ll See Me Happy And Bubbly

But even when you’re in those situations, you have the ability to be happy. You have the ability to wake up and go to that job with a certain mindset and approach. You still have the ability to live a happy day.

Another thing that really gets me… I see people sometimes, and they… Here’s a prime example…

A few weeks ago I went to a supermarket. I’m doing my shopping. I go to the checkout, paying for my food. And I’m, I would say 95 percent of the time, you’ll see me happy and bubbly. But am I happy all the time? No. There’s some days where I’m just quite frankly pissed off, and in a bad mood. Everybody has those days, right? You can’t be happy all the time…

But I’m in the supermarket – and it’s not the first time I’ve had this – and I say, “Hey! How are you doing? Having a good day?” And they respond, (mopey voice)…

“It’d Be Great If I Wasn’t Here!”

Design Your Day
But You Always Have The Choice To Be Happy In Your Day

And I think like, one: you’re a customer service representative of that business. You shouldn’t be saying stuff like that. Put on a facade if you have to. Two: you can tell that was coming from a place where they truly felt that way – “My life would be great if I wasn’t here.”

My response is always the same… “Well you don’t have to be here.” And they would say, “Well I don’t really have a choice.” But I’m thinking, you DO. You really do. Even if you didn’t necessarily have another job to go to, you could choose to be happy in your day.

Lots of people start off their day… They pick up their phone. Or their alarm goes off, and they snooze it. Right, what is that setting your day up for? You’re not being committed to your priorities. That alarm’s going off because you knew you should be getting up then. You should be UP, right?

And what a lot of people do… They snooze it. Then when it goes off again, they prop themselves up and look at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… And they trawl through everyone else’s life, going, “Oh this person’s living a better life than me… This person’s on vacation… She’s bought this… He’s got that… What do I have? Nothing!”

Live Every Day Like It Could Be Your Last
Live Every Day Like It Could Be Your Last

They’ve Set Themselves Up, Right From The Get-Go!

One: They made a poor decision not to get up. Two: they made the decision to prioritise looking at everyone else’s life and feel down on themselves. How the heck is that setting you up for the day.

And so my message to you today is this…

One: Live every day like it could be your last, because one day that will be true.

Two: You have the ability to design every day, even if today cannot be the ultimate, best example of your day. Meaning, if you’re going to a job because you have priorities. But you’re looking to build a business and you’re not quite ready yet to quit your job…

How To Start A Good Day
Every Single One Of Us, Every Single Morning, Has A Choice

Choose to go to that job as one of those people that is going all-in, happy, putting your all into everything you’re doing. Because even if you’re not where you want to be in life, or in your job or position… You can choose to live every day stress-free, happy, and going through your day as an upbeat person.

More people will like to be around you. Your days will go better. And… why not? Y’know, if you drop dead next week, would you want to spend the last week happy, or stressed or miserable?

How To Start Your Day Off Right?

Make a choice. Because every single one of us, every single morning, has that choice.

And with that said, I’m here of course at Internet Profits HQ. Until “How To Achieve Greatness In Life And In Business: One Simple Rule” – the next episode of The Drive, thank you for joining me here on this journey. This is Dean Holland, signing out.”

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