Dealing With Doubters When People May Doubt What You Say

People May Doubt What You Say
Dealing With Doubters When People May Doubt What You Say

How can you deal with doubters and nay-sayers when you’re starting out as an entrepreneur or just trying to better yourself. Dean Holland’s got some tips for you here when people may doubt what you say…

“Good morning my friend. Dean here of course. Had a victory last night. I going to to talk about it and something else, here on today’s Drive so let’s do this!

Bit of a hoarse throat this morning. Was up late last night, fairly late until about 2:00 a.m. doing a webinar. And it’s around about 9 a.m. now. But my voice is slightly going, which is worrying for somebody that loves to talk so much.

So I hope your week is off to a great start. I hope you’re smashing your goals, that you’re setting intentions and making stuff happen.

Now we had… Talking of the webinar last night… We had a bit of a victory. When I say a ‘bit’ of a victory, I mean an epic victory! And also then I want to talk about something… I want to talk about how to deal with doubters – when people may doubt what you say.

How D'you Deal With Doubters Early In Your Business When You're Not Yet Seeing Results?
How D’you Deal With Doubters Early In Your Business When You’re Not Yet Seeing Results?

Okay now I’ll come back to my small victory (or BIG victory) in a moment. But first let’s talk about this. How do you deal with doubters? Especially earlier on in your business when you’re not yet seeing the results, you’re dealing with a lot of doubts.

People May Doubt What You Say – Here’s How To Deal With Them

Y’know gosh, I can tell you some stories. I literally lost friends early on in my “business career” if you want to call it that. Between 2004 to 2008/2009, I literally lost friends. People that I thought were good friends, people that I would see on a weekly basis. But that would constantly be putting down what I was trying to accomplish. Telling me, “That stuff’s not real.” And “You’ll never do it.” And, “You should just stop being so stupid.”

Eventually these people actually started to resent me because of it. Because I was so headstrong and determined with it, because I didn’t give up, because I was seeing them less and less, because I would work in the evenings and weekends on my business.

I actually started to lose friends, which is kind of sad really isn’t it when you think about it? Like you’re literally trying to better your life and people will doubt you, resent you, and then drop you like a sack of crap, which is really sad.

There's Always Trolls Bashing Their Keyboard Like They're Some Kind Of Special Freak
There’s Always Trolls Bashing Their Keyboard Like They’re Some Kind Of Special Freak

But ultimately looking back y’know – it’s their loss. Clearly you weren’t a friend anyway. But how do you deal with this? How do you deal with that type of stuff?

How do you deal with haters on social media? I do Facebook Live’s and posts, and there’s always trolls and weird people from around the world, like keyboard warriors that sit behind a screen bashing their keyboard like they’re some kind of special freak. And congratulations special freak, you’ve won that award.

The Best Way To Silence Them Is To Succeed

So how do you deal with this? Well, in terms of the people that doubt you and your ability to actually succeed online. The best way to silence them is to succeed – is to actually do what you say you’re going to do – is to believe in yourself, never give up and make it happen.

If you don’t quit, if you’re getting the right advice, the right help, the right guidance, the right support, and you focused in the right areas – you will succeed. Probably not as quick as you’d like, but you will succeed as long as you never give up.

They Used To Laugh And Say, "How's That Internet Scam Going, Dean?"
They Used To Laugh And Say, “How’s That Internet Scam Going, Dean?”

And that’s the best way. The people that used to doubt me, that used to laugh at me, that used to talk about me behind my back at my the various jobs that I had…

They Certainly Didn’t Laugh When I Handed In My Notice Of Resignation

The construction company for example. The people that used to sort of laugh and make jokes and say, “How’s that internet scam going, Dean?” They don’t laugh anymore. Well, I don’t see them anymore.

But they certainly didn’t laugh when I handed in my notice of resignation to leave my job to continue running my business as my own boss, leaving them behind to carry on in a career that they weren’t passionate about, didn’t enjoy being in, and were never going to better themselves.

They didn’t even like what they were doing – probably just turned up and ‘existed’. And they changed their tune. They started saying, “Oh, what is it you’ve done?” “How have you done it?” “Would you show me more?” Ahh, now all of a sudden the doubters want to know, eh?

Telling Me I Can't Do Something Literally Lights A Fire Under My Ass
Telling Me I Can’t Do Something Literally Lights A Fire Under My Ass

And here’s the other thing. One of the things that really helps me… And I don’t know if this is something I’ve beaten into myself, or if it was naturally there. But I kind of thrive off somebody telling me I can’t do something.

First I’m Gonna Get Angry, Then I’m Gonna Prove You Wrong

If you tell me I can’t do something, then I’m going to prove you wrong and I’m gonna do it. And that’s the way I feel about it. Like, with a passion! Literally lights a fire under my ass. You tell me I can’t do something?…

First of all I’m gonna get angry. And then I’m gonna go and prove you wrong, with a passion. Like, I’m literally going to prove you wrong. I’m gonna go out of my way and I’m gonna outwork you and anyone else on this planet. And I’m gonna prove to you that I did it, and I’m gonna show you. Then I expect you to look me in the face and tell me you were wrong. Haha, but d’you know what I mean?

That’s how driven I am by doubters, and people telling me I can’t do something. So I want YOU to not be held back by other people. Because, I’ll tell you one thing. I saw a video once, and it was… They went to like an old people’s home, or was it a hospital?

I Wish I Wouldn't Have Cared So Much About What Other People Thought Of Me
“I Wish I Wouldn’t Have Cared So Much About What Other People Thought Of Me”

But essentially it was going to see people who are, to put this in pretty crude words, dying. People that were coming to the end of their life, very sadly. But people that had lived a long and full life, and they asked them, “What do you regret? Do you regret anything in your life?”

And one of the overwhelming things that these people regretted, that kept shining through was, “I wish I wouldn’t have cared so much about what other people thought of me.” “I wish I’d have done more of what I wanted to do, and not been affected by others.”

When you think about that, you can see it clearly, right? Like, if you go through life allowing doubters, haters, or others to stop you from doing things and to hold you back – that’s the biggest shame of all.

Now finally, because we’ve arrived, better move fast!

20 Percent Of People That Were On That Webinar Applied And Put Down A Deposit
20 Percent Of People That Were On That Webinar Applied And Put Down A Deposit

So, victory last night. I did a webinar, and this is a webinar that we’ve been doing every week, and optimizing and making changes… Where we basically give some amazing training and then give people the opportunity to apply for one of our programs.

Now, typically speaking, over this period of time for a long time we’ve been getting anywhere between five to ten percent of people apply. Well this past week I had a real overhaul of the webinar. I just had this realization, this Epiphany, and I came into the office and I completely overhauled it.

We Literally More Than Doubled Conversions

I stripped it right back. Removed 70 slides. It went from 200 to 140 slides. That’s about 60 slides innit? Removed a good chunk. It’s still quite a long presentation, and I ran it last night for the first time – the new version. And 20 percent of people that were on that webinar applied and put down a deposit for the program.

So, pretty big progress. Obviously that’s only one time though. So I reserve myself, because once could have been luck. But yeah, we literally more than doubled conversions on that new version. So anyway, rather interesting.

With that said my friend, of course, thank you for watching me here on today’s Drive. Have a great day. I will of course be back soon. So until then take care.

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