How To Change Your Life Instantly In Just 4 Simple Steps

How To Change Your Life Instantly In Just 4 Simple Steps
How To Change Your Life Instantly In Just 4 Simple Steps

Do you want to change an aspect of your life without delay? If you’re willing to master the four simple steps that Dean Holland lays out below, you should then be fully equipped to be able to change your life instantly…

“Good morning! Dean here of course. It’s a bright, early morning at 7:43 am. Just on the way to Internet Profits HQ to begin another great day. I’m gonna smash today! I feel that I’m gonna absolutely dominate my day and crush it. Because y’know what? I’m gonna talk about something now…

You can literally change anything instantly. Like, any situation. You can change in a moment.

I want to tell you a story… So my fiancée used to smoke. I used to bug her about it. Like, “You really shouldn’t smoke. You need to give up. You should quit.” And she knew it was no good, and that she should quit. But she didn’t do it.

You Have To Truly, Deep Down Want That Change For Yourself
You Have To Truly, Deep Down Want That Change For Yourself

And I used to think, that is so annoying, so frustrating. Like, you’re literally killing yourself y’know. I want a long, healthy, happy life together – and to give ourselves the best possible chance of that. And smoking is not gonna help you. Smoking cigarettes constantly every day! Like, what are you doing? And she didn’t quit.

1. You Must WANT To Change Your Life Instantly

So in the end I just stopped going on about it. And then all of a sudden, a few months later, she stopped just like that. So I’m thinking like, I’ve been asking you for so long to stop smoking. And now that I’ve stopped saying anything about it, months later you just quit smoking in one day.

Like not even gradually. Just literally, boom! One day – stopped!

And it made me realise something… That in order to change, there’s a few things that have to happen. Number one; you have to actually want to change yourself. Not, know that you ‘should’ change. And not, change ‘would be nice’. But truly, deep down actually WANT that change.

In Order To Change You Have To Have A Big Enough Reason Why
In Order To Change You Have To Have A Big Enough Reason Why

Now the second thing is, in order to change you have to have a big enough reason. You have to find your reason why.

At the moment there’s something really sad in our lives. One of our close friends sadly has cancer. Something she suffered with when she was in her early early 20’s, and now it’s come back and it’s really bad.

2. Find Your Reason WHY To Change

And I think this was, in part, a bit of a trigger. There’s now a bigger reason why – there was something to look at and say, “I just shouldn’t be doing this, I cannot carry on living this way. I have to stop smoking, I have to give up.”

She had that reason why – she had that big, big reason why. And obviously there were other reasons why, like the expense. Y’know, throwing money down the drain – literally burning it. The health aspects were big. But this was a bigger reason.

To Change Your Life Instantly, You Have To Take Immediate Action
To Change Your Life Instantly, You Have To Take Immediate Action

And so that just proves a point as well doesn’t it? When we look at ourselves, change can happen immediately if you truly want it and you have a big enough reason why.

3. Take Immediate Massive Action

Now the third thing is… If you want to change anything in a moment, you have to take immediate action. Y’know, wanting to change, and having a reason why – doesn’t do anything if you do nothing with it. So you have to take immediate, massive action – Immediate massive action!

And the fourth thing I would say, is that you have to have the belief that you can do it. The belief that it’s possible, and that it can be done. Because when you think about it really, and when we look at this analogy I’ve just shared… Change happened instantly. The decision to change… Stop that day!

You Must Believe You Can Do It, That It's Possible, That It Can Be Done
You Must Believe You Can Do It, That It’s Possible, That It Can Be Done

But what took the time, was getting ready for the change. Does that make sense? If you think about it, it was getting ready. Getting that reason why, getting that belief, getting ready for that action, feeling and truly wanting it. Y’know, it’s getting ready to do it that takes the time.

The change happened in a moment. As I say, she literally just one day stopped smoking. And it was an amazing day, so proud of her.

And when we think about this in business, when we think about ourselves as entrepreneurs… What usually takes time is getting ready for the change.

4. Believe That It’s Possible To Make The Change

For me, I started trying to make money online and build an online business in 2004. But between 2004 to 2008, I just kept ‘trying’ at things. Buying and trying products, Not really following anything through.

Eventually my belief was wavering like, “Can I really do this?” I didn’t have strong enough reasons why. Just thought it would be great to have my own business, and not work for someone else. Thought that would be nice, that would be amazing.

Change Happens In A Moment, Getting Ready For Change Takes Time
Change Happens In A Moment, Getting Ready For Change Takes Time

But I didn’t have those deep reasons why, until I got to the stage where I was over $60,000 in debt and I hadn’t made a single sale online in over 4 years of trying! I was at rock bottom, felt ashamed and embarrassed. And I felt like an absolute disgusting failure of a mess!

Then at last I was ready for a change. I met a mentor, got help, and that helped build my belief. So, I wanted it. I truly wanted it. Had my reasons why. I believed and I took massive action. And that changed my life. You can watch me talk more about that here…

And you can do the same. Because change happens in a moment. Getting ready for change is what takes time. So start getting ready right now, and do those 4 things. You can absolutely change anything that you’re not happy with in your life today.

4 Steps To Change Your Life Instantly

In summary, you must;

  1. Truly, deep down want that change for yourself.
  2. Find a big enough reason why you need that change.
  3. Believe that it’s possible for you to make that change.
  4. Take immediate, massive action.

So until next time with “Failure Is A Choice, So Why Choose Failure When Success Is An Option?“, thank you for joining me. This is Dean Holland of course, here at Internet Profits HQ now. Time for another day. Have a great one. Take care, bye-bye for now.

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  • March 30, 2021 at 6:40 am

    I have to gain skills and potential from my blog.

    I want to change my life. I changed my mindset. Now, my life is changing.

    • March 30, 2021 at 11:25 pm

      Perfect! Mindset first – then everything else.
      Thanks for the comment.

    • July 19, 2021 at 4:41 pm

      Exactly, success starts with your mindset 👌

  • May 10, 2021 at 5:23 pm

    This is right on! thank you for this post. So many think they want a change but they wouldn’t take responsibility, when it’s exactly this: you want to be ready to act, otherwise you don’t really want to do anything about your life, even a little tiny step every day. That’s why I decided to blog: to share the same thing you wrote about in this post, just in my own way.
    Thank you for putting it out there.

    • May 14, 2021 at 7:07 pm

      Agreed. The momentum of taking action, no matter how small, every day towards your goal is so important.
      Thanks for your comment.

  • November 25, 2021 at 12:57 pm

    Great steps…the mindset is everything 👍🏾!


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