Small Business Problems? This Is Probably Your Main Business Problem

Small Business Problems? This Is Probably Your Main Business Problem
Small Business Problems? This Is Probably Your Main Business Problem

In this post, Dean Holland talks candidly about his small business problems, and reveals the number one problem all small business owners have to face…

“Good morning! Welcome to another episode of The Drive. It’s Dean here.

I was watching a clip last night on YouTube of the Rocky film (Rocky the boxer). And it got me thinking about something last night when I was on the drive home.

So yeah, I was in the office quite late until the early hours of this morning – until about past 1 am I think it was by the time we finally got out, because I was running a coaching call.

One thing I realised, as I was driving home after the coaching call, I realised that actually the number one of the many small business problems that all of us (well, most of us) face… is actually ourselves.

Top Of All The Small Business Problems We Face Is… Ourselves!

Like… you are literally your number one problem, right?

You Are Literally Your Number One Problem
You Are Literally Your Number One Problem!

Let me explain what I mean. A lot of people doubt themselves… procrastinate… keep changing direction… keep jumping from thing, to thing, to thing. Many people fear the failure… or fear the success, and therefore hold themselves back.

And what it comes down to, ultimately, is… YOU are your biggest problem.

If you could only get out of your own way, you could no doubt have a lot greater success, or finally achieve the success that you’re looking for and achieve what it is you’re desiring out of a business.

So today, that’s what I want you to think about.

How many different areas can you to identify, as you go about your day to day life, or every time that you sit down at the computer and you’re striving to build your business…

…Start to identify all the ways in which you’re actually sabotaging your own success.

Or for those of you in the early stages…

In How Many Areas Are You Sabotaging Your Chances Of Success?

One of the biggest small business problems that I used to personally have, and where I was sabotaging my success, is I never stuck at any one thing long enough to actually make it work.

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 77
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 77

Y’know, I was always jumping from thing, to thing, to thing. I was always running around with this belief that there must be a better way, there must be an easier way…

And I was absolutely right! But I only realised this after many years of struggle and failure

That There Actually IS An Easier Way…

…And that’s to get a mentor, get a proven plan, and stick at the plan – do the work!

Stop changing directions, and doing too many different things. And stop seeking the magic bullet, that doesn’t actually exist.

And instead, focus on working a proven plan and stick at it!

Y’know… and when that plan doesn’t work immediately, or when that plan doesn’t work in the first week, or month… It doesn’t mean stop, change, re-evaluate and change everything.

It means… okay, am I doing this correctly? Or am I doing something wrong, and I do need to make a slight adjustment?… And then keep working it!

I Could Give You A Prime Example At The Moment…

This week we’re just actually completing the current Quick Start Challenge coaching program.

A Proven Plan To Get Started Building A Business
A Proven Plan To Get Started Building A Business

It’s a four-week program where we we teach the students a proven plan, a proven process, to get started building a business that can get them to a level where they’re making, let’s say, at least a hundred dollars a day.

That doesn’t happen overnight – it doesn’t happen immediately. It takes work, and it takes seeing it through.

Now a lot of people give up, in the Quick Start Challenge… literally straight away – like, y’know, “I don’t think I can do this.”

And okay… you’re right. You’re absolutely right. You can’t do this. Because, as the saying goes, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t… you’re always right.”

I’m going slightly off into tangents there, but ultimately what I’m getting at is…

You Are Your Worst Problem!

…you are your biggest critic, you are your biggest issue.

But if you can get out of your own way, you will stand a much better chance of getting to where you’re actually going.

Stop doing the things you’re doing… If you’re not where you want to be. If you’re not getting the results you want to get, then stop doing the things you’ve always been doing…

…Develop a positive business mindset, and go forwards better, you know?

Stop Doing The Things You’ve Always Been Doing, And Get Out Of Your Own Way
Stop Doing The Things You’ve Always Been Doing, And Get Out Of Your Own Way

Real Change Ultimately Starts With Ourselves

I can tell you categorically… I was actually having a really good conversation with an incredible guy the other day. And we were both talking like, “What do you think is the biggest reason some succeed and some don’t?”

And our conclusion ultimately was… Mindset.

Which goes hand-in-hand with what I’m saying here. You are the biggest of all your small business problems. And if you don’t change, then nothing will change.

So hopefully that comes as a good message to many of you. And with that said, have a great day. And I will, of course, see you back here in “Sales Funnel Strategy That Dooms Most Internet Marketers To Failure” – another episode very soon. Take care.

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