Sales Funnel Strategy That Dooms Most Internet Marketers To Failure

Sales Funnel Strategy That Dooms Most Internet Marketers To Failure
Sales Funnel Strategy That Dooms Most Internet Marketers To Failure

This is the sales funnel strategy, or the components of the sales funnel stages that every online marketing funnel must incorporate in one form or another in order to profitably compete for traffic in today’s marketplace, according to Dean Holland, CEO of Internet Profits Ltd.

“Most internet marketers are doomed to fail, okay? And I’m going to tell you why, right here!

So good morning, by the way. Welcome to another episode of The Drive. It’s Dean Holland here, and we are on this journey to Internet Profits HQ right now and…

Your Sales Funnel Strategy Is A Serious Topic!

This is one that’s probably not going to come as a good news for anybody, well not for the majority, especially if they don’t act.

I’ve been in the internet marketing industry full-time since 2009, but I started back in 2004. And so I’ve seen a lot. I’ve been a part of many evolutions in sales funnel strategy over the last 12 or so years in this industry.

We’re at a point where major shifts are taking place, major things are happening. And for those that don’t adapt, for those that don’t move with it…

You Might As Well Just Give Up Now, Because It’s Only Going To Get Worse!

So let me tell you what I’m talking about, so there’s some substance to this claim.

For a long, long time in this industry, even before I was around, it was pretty straightforward in some respects, for people to sell products and make a profit.

Increase Cost Of Traffic Kills Early Wild Frontier Years Of Affiliate Marketing
Increase Cost Of Traffic Kills Early Wild Frontier Years Of Affiliate Marketing

I wasn’t able to do it myself because, quite frankly, I just hadn’t figured things out early on in my online marketing career.

But I now know certain people, and hear their stories, and they talk about the good old days when you could just go to Clickbank, choose an affiliate offer, get an affiliate link, set up a Google Ad, and literally drive traffic direct, straight to the Clickbank offer or affiliate offer…

Spending Pennies On Traffic, And Making Dollars Back

…in exchange for pennies that you spend making a dollar back. Having it as simple as that!

Google ad, direct linking to an affiliate offer, no list building, nothing, just straight to that offer.

Now today, over the years, traffic has increased in price, competition for advertising has increased driving the price for a click, up.

So that game is all but over for a lot of industries – certainly for my industry! That’s just not going to fly anymore.

And so I want to share with you…

The Three Components Of My Sales Funnel Strategy

…that allow me to drive traffic and still make a profit, and to share with you here and now, exactly what these marketing funnel stages are.

This will kind of emphasise why most people are doomed if they fail to adapt.

So, the first component of my sales funnel strategy is a front-end funnel.

The front-end funnel is how we acquire leads, it’s how we convert leads into customers, and it’s how we sell more to our customers at the point of purchase, to maximise revenue, to increase the value of a customer immediately.

Then the second component is a…

Series Of Back-End Sales Funnel Stages

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 78
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 78

So this is basically the sales and marketing process that we put our new customers through, that came through that front-end sales funnel stage.

This is where we would begin to sell primary offers, our premium products, services and solutions, and opportunities that we have available.

So for us, these products range from a thousand dollars up to ten/twenty thousand dollars.

Now it’s these sales, of these products and programs that generate us the profit – the most significant profits in the business.

We don’t aim to make a profit in the front-end marketing funnel. It’s nice, but we understand we’re not trying to do that. We know the profit comes in the back-end funnel. And…

This Is Where Most Marketers In This Industry Are Doomed!

Because most people are messing around with front-end funnels, promoting them, bombarding their list with different front-end funnels of different offers.

They’re churning and burning their lists. They launch a new front-end offer, and then they promote other people’s front-end offers, and the cycle just relentlessly continues.

A lot of people just don’t have their back-end funnels to their business!

And The Third Component Is Traffic

A lot of people are reliant on others for their traffic. Affiliates, and product launchers with affiliate marketers, and joint ventures.

Now don’t get me wrong here. Affiliate and joint venture traffic is some of the best, the highest quality traffic you can get. It’s endorsed traffic, right?

People are coming from other people’s lists… It’s their customers, it’s their leads, it’s their subscribers, it’s their fans, their followers… And they’re endorsing you! It’s the best traffic ultimately.

1. Front-End Offer 2. Back-End Sales Funnel 3. Scalable Traffic
1. Front-End Offer 2. Back-End Sales Funnel 3. Scalable Traffic

But if you’re reliant on that for your success, what happens the day that something shifts in the industry, or what happens when your affiliates aren’t able to support you one day, or what happens when your launch clashes with other people’s launch, and the traffic has to be divided up on other people by the JV’s and affiliates?…

You’re Screwed, Right?!

And so… What you ultimately need, and I want anyone that doesn’t have this to seriously sit up and pay attention…

If you either;

  1. Do not have these three components as an affiliate promoting other people’s products and funnels,
  2. Or you don’t have them for your own business…

Either one of those two – you are going to get screwed! You are going to get pushed out!

Because the people like myself with a deep sales funnel strategy, that have front-end funnels to acquire leads and customers and maximize the value of those customers at the point-of-sale…

…And then put them through a series of back-end sales funnel stages, with multiple high level premium programs and products to offer them…

You Are Not Going To Compete With The Likes Of Me, And Others Like Me

…when it comes down to starting to buy traffic. Because I’m going to outbid you.

I’m going to be able to out-buy you on that traffic 100% of the time, because you just won’t be able to compete profitably.

You cannot have a front-end funnel that competes with somebody that has a front-end funnel and a back-end sales funnel strategy, okay?

You just won’t be able to do it.

Front-End + Back-End Sales Funnel Strategy = Profitable Advertising
Front-End + Back-End Sales Funnel Strategy = Profitable Advertising

You will not generate enough profit to compete with me, because I’ll just pay a lot more than you for the traffic, because I’ll be able to afford to.

So this message wasn’t, “Oh, look at me!” and y’know, “Oh, I’m better than you!” No!

This was a serious message to you… Because I am passionate about having people succeed. And so, I don’t want to see anyone go through pain, as this shift really kicks in.

Because It’s Already Happening… It’s Already Happened!

And I strongly believe that those without the front-end funnel in their business that is able to convert cold traffic, with a back-end funnel that takes those customers, and sells premium high level programs to them.

Without that, and the ability to drive and be responsible for your own traffic. And of course if you want to have affiliate traffic on top, great!

But without those three components in your sales funnel strategy, things are going to get real tough over the years ahead for you.

So either as an affiliate, you need to make sure you have the ability to:

  1. Earn on a full front-end marketing funnel,
  2. And also on the back-end sales funnel stages,
  3. And be able to drive your own traffic.

Whereas, as a product owner selling online, you need to start looking into building a sales funnel strategy like this into your business.

I hope this message comes as one of value to you. We’re here at Internet Profits HQ. Have a great day, and I shall of course see you again in “” – another episode of The Drive.

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