Testing The Sales Funnel And Overcoming Obstacles

Testing The Sales Funnel And Overcoming Obstacles
Testing The Sales Funnel And Overcoming Obstacles

If you saw yesterday’s Drive, you’ll have heard me talk about how we were basically heading into the office yesterday to do final testing, and all that good stuff, to make sure that our brand new sales funnel was ready to begin driving traffic to, and start optimising conversions. And well, in true form…

Lots Of Stuff Went Wrong!

So I’m heading in today, hoping that we can get the technical issues fixed. This is the kind of stuff that most people never really get to see – all the stuff that’s going wrong behind the scenes.

A lot of people just see the success, and the six or seven figure sales funnels, and the awards, and all the money. But people very rarely…

Get To See What’s Happening Behind The Scenes

And that’s what I want to fill you in on today. Because you don’t just go from idea to success without anything in between.

And so yesterday, with what we did – everything look good. The pages were there, the offers were there. So we’ve got front end offer two upsells, a downsell, the thank you page. And that makes up the structure of the sales funnel. So yesterday checked all the pages…

Everything Looked Good

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 27
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 27

We have the one-click upsell process in place – meaning that if people want to add the upsells to their order, they don’t have to refill in all their their payment details.

They can just click ‘Add To Order’ and it will just add it to their order. And everything looked great.

Went ahead, purchased, went through, orders were processed, everything look good.

Then tried a few different possibilities, like buying the front end and saying ‘No’ to all the upsells – did that work? Yes. Bought the front end, said ‘Yes’ to all the upsells, did that work? Yes.

And then, just as we thought everything was ready, we noticed…

A Glitch With The One-Click Upsell Process

To put it in simple terms, it was not tracking a particular sale in the upsells. And obviously we have to know where the sales are coming from. Basically, without getting too deep into the technical stuff, it was like a tracking glitch error with the software.

And so we’re waiting. We don’t own that software, it’s called the one-click upsell script. It’s something that works with our shopping cart in Infusionsoft. And obviously, as it’s not ours and we don’t control it, we had to contact their support.

And I was basically putting in support, and responding, and providing them with the details they were requesting, back and forth, until round about 6 pm yesterday evening. At which point, I basically couldn’t do anymore.

They said it been sent to their developers to investigate further. And…

Glitch In The One-Click Upsell Script With Infusionsoft Shopping Cart
Glitch In The One-Click Upsell Script With Infusionsoft Shopping Cart

I’m Just Hoping And Crossing My Fingers

…that I get there today, and find that overnight they actually found the issue and resolved it and fixed it. But right now, it’s completely unknown. I have no idea what I’m walking in to.

I could get there and they haven’t yet found out what’s wrong. I could get there and they’ve fixed it. I could get there and there’s been no response yet. So who knows. Today’s a bit unknown. It’s just one of those things.

You like to think that you’ve set something up and it works. But we operate in a technological space. We’re in a technology industry. We depend on the internet.

We rely on software and services to assist us in getting things working and running. It’s like, you need hosting for your website to be online – well if that the hosting goes down, there’s only so much we as the website owner can really do, right?

And so it’s the same with this situation. We’ve just got to make sure that we do all we can. Obviously in the meantime, if I do get there today and I’m waiting… One of the things that some people do is just think, “Well I can’t do anything today”…

And They Just Slack Off!

Well instead, what I’ll get in there and do is say, “Right, although I can’t do that thing, and although we’re now a bit behind on being able to place ads and drive traffic, what can we be doing?” you know, “What areas can we be working on?… So that when this is ready, we’re already ahead in other areas.”

So you’ve got to leverage your time. You’ve got to leverage the opportunities you do have. So there’s no point at all (and this is a good lesson) there’s really no point getting down and downbeat about something.

I Used To Allow Stuff Like This To Really Get To Me... But
I Used To Allow Stuff Like This To Really Get To Me… But

It’s very easy, and years ago I used to be like this – I used to allow stuff like this to really get to me and affect me. I used to think, “What’s the point! Nothing ever goes to plan.”…and I used to think like that.

But eventually you realise, well that doesn’t serve any purpose. Because no matter how much I moan about it, it’s not going to solve anything. Might as well just be proactive and just say…

“Right, we’ve done all we can on that. We’re going to have to wait for those that can do more, to get back to us. But what can we be working on? What can we do?” And that’s all we’ve got to focus on.

So that brings you up to speed and up to date with what happened yesterday. As I say…

It’s Not All Simple, Sunshine And Rainbows

…when you’re doing any of this stuff. Sometimes it’s going to test your patience, and test your wit, and test every bit about you. Because ultimately, when you’ve spent months creating something, you want to start seeing the returns.

Sometimes those returns come a little later or take a little longer than you’d like, than you anticipated, than you’d even planned for.

But it is what it is. You’ve got to work with what you’ve got. Got to make sure you’ve done all you can. When you’ve done all you can, you’ve just got to let things ride the course.

And so with that said, I’m going to get in there and discover what it is this waiting on me. Do we have it solved? Are we going to have to wait? I don’t know. Let’s go and see. Join me tomorrow for The Testing Phase Of “The Perfect Offer” Sales Funnel. Have a great day. Thanks for watching.

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