Testing Facebook Traffic With Facebook Live Ads

Testing Facebook Traffic With Facebook Live Ads
Testing Facebook Traffic With Facebook Live Ads

Welcome to another episode of The Drive. We’ve actually got Mr Louis Doughty who heads up the coaching division here at Internet Profits.

Louis lives about four hours away and works from home. But he’s he down here for a few days because we’re actually building out, recording and shooting our Certified Partner Program training.

So we’re actually recording over these next two or three days – I’d say at least two days of filming. Planning today and filming later, and then filming tomorrow.

Hopefully all being well, depending on how today goes planning everything, we can get that done in that time. And then Adam can spend the next few days editing and producing all of that….

Which Is Pretty Exciting!

Because that’s the final thing we’re actually waiting on to go into our new members area, our new website for our Internet Profits Certified Partners.

We Are In The Trenches Right Now, Testing Our New Sales Funnel
We Are In The Trenches Right Now, Testing Our New Sales Funnel

I won’t go into all of that now, but that’s essentially the people that pay us to become Certified by us and then basically, once Certified, get to actually use all of our sales funnels, and marketing systems, and sales team for their own businesses. Which is awesome!

So that’s what’s happening over the next couple of days. In with that, if you’ve been following The Drive, you’ll know that we are in the trenches right now…

Testing Our New Sales Funnel

…which is for an offer called, “The Perfect Offer”. This is basically a 60 to 65 minute training loaded onto a USB stick, and it goes out with some awesome bonuses, in an amazing package and all that good stuff.

We had a bit of a delay. I don’t if I mentioned this on previous episodes in the last day or so. But we had some delays because I did my first Facebook ad which actually was a video, well actually was a Facebook Live. So I did a Facebook Live talking about…

The Only Three Ways To Grow A Business, Which Are:

  1. Get more customers.
  2. Sell more to your customers at the point of sale.
  3. Generate repeat custom, so bring your customers back at some future date to buy more product.

And so I did a Facebook Live about that. And then at the end, there was a call to action to grab a copy of The Perfect Offer. So it was a way of leading people into that sales funnel. And then I basically set up a Facebook Ad promoting that Live.

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 33
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 33

Now the problem was – whatever it is – I don’t really know what it was – they haven’t told me at this stage… But there was…

Something That Triggered An Automatic Disapproval

…because it just happened literally within a couple of minutes – so there’s no way it was a manual thing.

So I appealed it. I’d set up four different ads through Facebook, all promoting the same video ad, but targeting different people and different placements – so y’know, mobile and desktop with different targeting options – and got disapproved.

And that happened (I probably have mentioned this on a Drive) on Friday was it? Thursday or Friday of last week.

The Crap Thing Was…

…it actually took Facebook four days to get back to me from my appeal. I appealed it straight away, because I was certain there wasn’t anything wrong. Then it took them four days, until yesterday afternoon to get back to me. And as suspected (or as hoped, should I say) they basically did a manual verification and they confirmed that it wasn’t against their policy.

So my ads went active yesterday afternoon and now the ad is running. I also set up another ad, which is actually a written long copy image ad – set that up yesterday, and that’s now running as well. So obviously this morning, we’ll get in there and see what’s happening.

But I never really like to judge an ad too soon, you know. I’d like to give it 24-48 hours, because I tend to find that…

Facebook’s Algorithms Take A Little Time To Settle Down

…when you go live with a new ad.

Here's Louis Doughty, Head Of Coaching At Internet Profits
Here’s Louis Doughty, Head Of Coaching At Internet Profits

So we’ve essentially got six different ads running at the moment four of which are the same video ad, and two of which are for the other ad which is a long copy.

I think what I’m probably going to do – one of my plans from here on out (I was talking about this yesterday) – I think I’m actually going to do a Facebook Live every day of the week.

So I think…

I’m Going To Do A Facebook Live Monday To Friday – Five Days A Week

Do a short Facebook Live, anywhere between three to six minutes – something along those lines – with a call to action on them to go to the sales funnel.

And then basically put a small ad budget behind each one, each day – maybe like twenty dollars. So if I do five Lives a week, twenty dollars budget behind each one, I’ll be spending $100 a week promoting the Lives.

But then I’m hoping that each week we see one of those at least, actually start to get some traction. Then what I’ll do is – I’ll just continue on a daily basis to put a daily budget behind that one.

My thinking is, if I do that each day, then each month I’m essentially going to end up with twenty or so Facebook Lives – which is…

20 Video Ads, All Having A Budget Behind Them

Running 20 Facebook Live Ads To Find The Winning Few
Running 20 Facebook Live Ads To Find The Winning Few

And then hopefully each month I end up with three, four or five of those that actually have a bit of traction.

And that’s just one thing that I can be doing – and then building those up. Obviously it’s great value into the marketplace, which is awesome. And also hopefully, it’s a good way of actually leading people to that sales funnel and getting traffic from the Facebook ad platform. In addition to that we’ll obviously do other stuff – we’ll be testing other ads

One final thing to fill you in on – because I’m hoping we get this done today – we are building for other traffic sources. We’re actually building like a…

Quiz Squeeze Page

So it’ll say something like, “Take this twenty second quiz to reveal the number one way to get more customers for your business.” Then it’ll ask them things like… In fact, I’ll probably fill you in on that one tomorrow.

That’s probably what I’ll talk about tomorrow – what is this survey we’ve built, and why have we done that?

So with that said, we are at the Internet Profits headquarters. It is time for action. It is 8:40 am. Haley, my PA, has just pulled up as well. So have a great day. I’m excited for this. Let’s do it! And I’ll be back with Creating An Insane Amount Of Content In A Small Amount Of Time tomorrow.

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