The Testing Phase Of “The Perfect Offer” Sales Funnel

Testing The Perfect Offer Sales Funnel
Testing The Perfect Offer Sales Funnel

Good morning. Welcome to another episode of The Drive. I’ve got Craig in the car with me here, and we were just talking away and all of a sudden and I realised I didn’t start The Drive video. So it’s probably going to be a shorter video, because I’m more than halfway to the office.

If you saw yesterday’s Drive, you’ll know I was bringing you up to date letting you know what was happening with the new sales funnel that I’ve been talking about for the last few weeks. And, well, good news! We have it fixed.

We Have The Sales Funnel Ready To Test

So today I am literally heading there today to start some ad campaigns… to start the traffic. And we’ve obviously got all of our analytics stuff in place. We’ve got some split tests in place. We’ve got some heatmaps software in place. That basically means, with all of the software stuff that we put in place for this optimisation phase.

We’re going to test two versions of the front end offer sales page. We’re also going to see what people are doing when they’re on that page. So we have this software…

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 28
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 28

It’s called HotJar just in case you’re interested (or actually no, we’ve changed from HotJar… or did we?) Well it’s very similar to HotJar anyway.

It Basically Does Two Things:

1) It shows you this thing called a heatmap, which basically means; where is people’s attention when they’re on your page? It’ll show you different colours where the focus of people’s attention is. Is it at the top with the sales video? Are people reading the copy? What is happening when they’re on the page?

2) And also it will record their session. So it’ll actually show you what people are really doing, where they’re engaging, what are they doing, where are they clicking. All that good stuff. So, in addition to that, obviously got all of the Google Analytics set up. And so, really today, we begin.

What I’ll probably do today is actually place some orders for email traffic, solo ad type traffic, email buys. And…

I’m Tempted Today As Well, To Start Some Facebook Ads

But I’m in two minds about that. Whether I just do the solo ad traffic first and then go on to Facebook traffic where I can target even better. Or not – so I’m in two minds, whether to just do the email buy.

Solo Ad Traffic, Email Buys, Perhaps Some Facebook Ads
Solo Ad Traffic, Email Buys, Perhaps Some Facebook Ads

I’ll tell you the reason why I say that, just in case you’re wondering why would I say that? Because ultimately, with Facebook Ads we can target our ideal customer much better, much more effectively. So you might be wondering, in that case, why would I say that I’m considering just doing solo ad traffic, email buys first?

Well email buys typically – it’s going to be a much lower quality of traffic. We can’t specifically target our ideal buyer. And to be honest, a lot of the type of email traffic that we could purchase, is going to be more interested in home business opportunity / make money online opportunity…

…Y’know, “Biz Opps”

Whereas this offer really isn’t perfectly suited to that type of customer. It is, if that type of customer buys this to grow their home business or their business opportunity. Then without a doubt, it’s going to change the game for them.

So it is a great thing for them. But the way in which we’re positioning this offer, the way in which we’re selling it, or offering it, isn’t going to cry out and speak directly to that person, if that makes sense? And so really, it’s not going to be as easy to sell I would imagine, my gut instinct tells me. It won’t be as easy to sell to email buy traffic, solo ad traffic, compared to other traffic like Facebook Ads where we can target better.

But that’s actually one of the reasons why I’m contemplating only doing that. Because actually, one of my approaches when it comes to optimising a sales funnel is that, if…

This Is A 7 Figure Sales Funnel With A Break-Even Front End
This Is A 7 Figure Sales Funnel With A Break-Even Front End

I Can Get It Working With The Worst Quality Of Traffic

…then it’s really going to crush it when we get more targeted traffic, better quality traffic. Does that make sense?

When I say, “get it working” I’m talking about having a break-even funnel, where I can spend a thousand dollars on traffic and make a thousand dollars back, once people have gone through that front end funnel – which is – the front end offer and the upsell sequence, landing on the thank you page.

If I can get a break-even funnel with the worst type of traffic, then I’m going to crush it with better traffic. And that’s why sometimes I take that route. Because if I can do that, then I know things are going to really work, and…

This Is A 7 Figure Sales Funnel

I guess tomorrow I can let you know what I decided. But as a minimum, we’ll be ordering some solo ad traffic today. There is also a potential that I’ll be starting Facebook Ads today as well. So that’s what’s going on.

We have fixed the technical issues. They didn’t take as long as some issues can do, to fix and get working. We are at the office now. I have the funnel or the minimum viable version of the funnel ready. It’s not complete – we don’t have all the back end of it in place yet. But we’ve got the minimum viable version of the funnel in place, so I can start testing.

So we’re here. It’s time to jump in and get the traffic flowing, and I’ll let you know in Filming Facebook Ads Setup Live And Testing To Scale Up tomorrow, what I do and what decisions I made. So all right, take care. Speak to you soon.

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