Recap And How To Boost Affiliate Marketing Commissions

How To Boost Affiliate Marketing Commissions
How To Boost Affiliate Marketing Commissions

In this weekly recap, Dean talks about a way to boost affiliate marketing commissions or increase the sales of any product online. This basically hinges around the customer’s perceptions of value around aspects of the offer that you’re making to them…

“Good day. How are you doing? As you can see, it is the end of the week, which means I’m here in Internet profits HQ. And I want to give you a quick recap of the week behind the scenes here at Internet Profits…

What we’ve been working on, what are the things that we’ve been doing? What have been the main priorities, the progress, the lessons and the learnings, and all kinds of good stuff behind the scenes here?

Two main, big things happened this week, in terms of myself. Last week I was actually away in Greece, and we’ve got plenty of footage over the next week to share with you about that. So I look forward to sharing some of my experiences with you guys.

But now that I’ve been back, I’ve been catching up on some stuff…

Something That You Could Probably Benefit From In Your Business As Well
Something That You Could Probably Benefit From In Your Business As Well

Firstly, this week we actually launched a small, intimate VIP coaching group that was specifically only available for people that are already our Certified Partners. So we offered this to a small group of people. And that actually began this week.

New VIP One-On-One Coaching Group

So how it all kicked off was – we held these group sessions, but everybody got 30 minutes one-on-one time with me. And the thing that I did – the structure that I used – is something that you could probably benefit from in your business as well, if you approach things in this way.

In that 30 minutes, first of all I basically got a complete rundown of where they’re at right now, what their plans are, what their ideas are, strategies, results, or whatever. Whatever was going on. A complete deep-dive into where they are in their business.

Then in the remaining time that we had left… So that took maybe like 15 to 20 minutes let’s just say for each person… Then in the 10 minutes that was left, I gave some immediate, actionable advice that they could go and do – and spend the next few days doing – to see the biggest, most significant progress.

There's Just So Many Things To Do, So Many Things To Think About And Focus On
There’s Just So Many Things To Do, So Many Things To Think About And Focus On

I don’t know about you, but it’s easy to feel like there are a million and one things to focus on. Like, there’s just so many things to do, so many things to think about and focus on. And because of that, we can become almost paralyzed in not moving forwards. You know what I mean?

It’s kind of like you get stuck feeling busy and acting busy. But actually, if you look at where you’re going – are the key areas of your business are moving forwards? The answer is a lot of the times, “Not really.”

And so that’s the big, big takeaway from that – and was what everybody was seeing and learning from, in that environment. Focus on the one or two things that, if you get done this next week is going to have the biggest impact on your income and your business.

So that was a big thing. Another big area that I’ve been focused on this week, which I’m so excited to get out there is…

We Are Working On A Huge, Huge Webinar System And Campaign

When I say huge, I’m literally talking like – we intend to make 10 plus million dollars over the next 12 months with this campaign.

And so we’re putting a lot of work in behind the scenes. We have recruited the services of an awesome copywriter, who’s going to assist with the the crafting of the campaign, the registration campaign, the replay follow-up campaign, He’s gonna hopefully be starting in the next week or so.

I personally been really optimizing and working on the actual presentation. This is a presentation that we took from the last couple of years. It’s something that’s already generated millions of dollars in sales. And we’ve been improving on it, making it even better.

Unquestionably Probably One Of The Best Webinar Sales People In The Industry
Unquestionably Probably One Of The Best Webinar Sales People In The Industry

That’s why we kind of just shut the doors to any affiliates or joint venture partners with it, and we’ve been working on it.

If you don’t know, I’m also in Russell Brunson’s Inner Circle Mastermind group. So I’ve actually had the great fortune of unquestionably probably one of the best webinar sales people in the industry, which is Russell Brunson, consulting with and reviewing and advising on the presentation itself. The hooks, the offer, and all this kind of good stuff.

And we’re in a position right now where, obviously we’ve got to run this again – this latest version. But it is killer! I don’t believe there are many offers out there that are as strong (and actually deliver the results to those who purchase it) as what we have here. I truly, wholeheartedly believe that.

Boost Affiliate Marketing Commissions By Making Your Offer More Valuable

And I think that’s one of big things that I want to just share here as well… If you’re not seeing the results that you’d like in your business. Or if you have an audience already and they’re not buying. Then you need to strengthen your offer. You need to make it more valuable.

You see, whenever anyone’s thinking about buying anything – at least this is how I feel about it, and and how I look at our customers.

Imagine you’ve got a scale, and you’ve got the pivot in the middle. On the left hand side you’ve got the value (product) that you’re offering, then on the right hand side is the value (money) you’re asking them to give you. So imagine you’ve got this pivotable scale – the value you’re offering on the left, the value you’re asking in return on the right.

The Value That You Give Must Outweigh The Value Asked For In Exchange
The Value That You Give Must Outweigh The Value Asked For In Exchange

If people aren’t buying, then often it’s because… If they already have a relationship with you – if you’re building and nurturing your audience, but they’re still not buying… Often it’s because the scale is like this… They feel the value (on the right) that you’re asking them to give you, outweighs the value (on the left) they’ll receive in exchange.

Our job as marketers is to enter a market, make them an offer so good that the scale is heavily tipped down to the left… Where it’s like, up here on the right is the (small) value you’re asking from them. And down here on the left is the perceived (large) value of everything that they’re actually being offered and receiving.

When you tip that scale so much, you have a no-brainer offer on your hands. And one of the best things that anyone can ever do to increase conversions and boost affiliate marketing commissions, is to strengthen their offer.

Way To Boost Affiliate Marketing Commissions

Now what does this mean if you don’t actually control the offer? If you are an affiliate for example? What can you do in that sense when you don’t control the offer? You’re sending traffic to an offer, and you can’t control the actual offer… Obviously assuming that what you’re promoting is a good, solid product. Then what can you do?

Well you can… Y’know, my background was always in affiliate marketing. And I’d always do things like strengthen the offer myself. So I could offer an incentive, I could offer a bonus, in order to boost affiliate marketing commissions.

Early on, very early on, I would offer people like a 10-minute call with me on skype to discuss how I’d started my blog. Or if I had created something, I would give them free access to it, if they purchased the affiliate offer.

We've Launched Six Or Seven New Traffic Generation Trainings This Week
We’ve Launched Six Or Seven New Traffic Generation Trainings This Week

So just always think about any offers you’re making, whether yours or an affiliate offer… Imagine that scale with the value you’re offering on the left, and the value you’re asking for on the right. Tip that scale to the left, and you will always have more success in your business.

So that’s kind of my big takeaway for you today. Obviously there’s tons of stuff happening. The team and I are always busy. We’ve pushed out some amazing things this week as well.

Louie and Glenn, a part of the team, they have created and launched to our Certified Partners, six or seven new traffic generation trainings this week. So we’re always delivering value to our clients and Partners.

We are investigating a couple of new avenues for front-end offers, and the strengthening of those offers (referring to what I just said above). And so I look forward to being able to share more of that as time goes on.

So with that said. That’s kind of a brief recap of the week. I’ve been mainly focused on that webinar to be honest. So that’s why there’s not tons of nitty-gritty stuff to share with you. It’s mainly been all about the webinar.

And let me end this by giving you a quick brief kind of preview of the presentation. So I’ll leave you with this. Until next time with “MOBE FTC Shutdown: Reaction To “My Online Business Education” Shock“, take care have a great rest of your week. Thanks for watching. Bye bye for now.

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