Motivation To Change Your Life And Overcome Obstacles To Success

Motivation To Change Your Life And Overcome Obstacles To Success
Motivation To Change Your Life And Overcome Obstacles To Success

How to overcome obstacles to success in life, and why your friends, colleagues, and even family can often seem like they’re against you. Find the motivation to change your life, to be true to yourself, and to trust your gut feelings…

“I want to give you a message of motivation to change your life this morning. You see, I think one of the biggest problems that people often face is either themselves, or the external influences that they allow to affect them.

And this is especially something that’s pretty common when you’re starting out looking to grow an online business as an affiliate marketer, say. Or y’know, whatever online business you’re starting. You will come up against ‘barriers’ let’s just say.

"Oh My Gosh! I've Discovered This Thing That's Gonna Change My Life"
“Oh My Gosh! I’ve Discovered This Thing That’s Gonna Change My Life”

I can take you back to a point in time – 2008. I’d been trying to make money online and build an online business for four years. I hadn’t gotten anywhere. And when I began that journey…

When I First Discovered Affiliate Marketing, I Was So Excited

…that I would tell everyone about it: “Oh my gosh! I’ve discovered this thing that’s gonna change my life – it’s called affiliate marketing. And you can make money online, and I’m gonna figure out how to do it, and then I’m gonna tell everyone else how to do it… You should do it too!”

And I would tell everyone, and they would be like, “Oh really? Okay, ho hum.” And kind of like laugh almost like, “Okay, yeah right.” Additionally I would also be greeted with things like, “All that stuff’s not true, Dean. Don’t believe any of that. That’s all lies and scams. Don’t be foolish enough to believe any of that.”

I Remember This Feeling Where I Just Started Getting Quieter And Quieter About It
I Remember This Feeling Where I Just Started Getting Quieter And Quieter About It

But I believed it. I believed there was something there. I saw lots of proof, saw lots of evidence online – people doing it. And so I kept going.

And as time went on, the days turned into weeks, the weeks turned into months, and the months turned into years…. People would be asking, but now in sort of a mocking way, like…

“Oh, how’s that internet stuff going Dean?” Y’know, almost looking at each other – when I was in my full-time job, for example – people would be looking at each other when we’d be stood around having lunch. You could see when…

People Are Talking About You, And Laughing At You Behind Your Back

But the problem was that, because I couldn’t figure it out, because I wasn’t getting any results, I had nothing to throw back in their face. And so I remember this feeling where I just started getting quieter, and quieter, and quieter about it – because I had nothing positive to share.

People That Love Me And Care About Me - Telling Me It's Nonsense And I'm Being Fooled
People That Love Me And Care About Me – Telling Me It’s Nonsense And I’m Being Fooled

In fact, to be honest… By my mid 20’s, at the end of 2008, I was in over sixty thousand dollars of debt. Five credit cards, all but one of them maxed out. I had two sizeable bank loans. And basically, in my mid twenties, facing bankruptcy.

But because I was so ashamed of what I done, nobody knew. So I was carrying on like, “Oh, y’know, that stuff’s going okay. I’ll figure it out soon.” And that’s all I kept saying… “I’ll figure it out soon.” I didn’t let anyone know that I’d got myself into a hell hole of debt.

Here’s one of the things I can learn and look back on now. Because I’m not just talking about friends and colleagues. I’m talking about family who would be trying to tell me to stop. People that love me, people that care about me, telling me it’s nonsense…

That I’m being fooled. It doesn’t exist. It’s scams, lies, cheats. I’m being duped and tricked, and I’m believing it all, and I’m foolish, and I should stop and focus on my job. Focus on a career, focus on climbing the corporate ladder.

They Want To Protect You From Failure And Pain, And Will Try To Hold You Back
They Want To Protect You From Failure And Pain, And Will Try To Hold You Back

And I can tell you now looking back, that the people that truly do care about you… The reason they kind of seemingly want to stand in your way and hold you back and stop you…

It’s Not Because They Don’t Want You To Succeed

…It’s not because they don’t love you or care… It’s that, for most people, that’s their mechanism of protection.

They want to protect you from the failures, protect you from losing, protect you from the pain. And so they’ll try and hold you back. Because, more often than not, people in their lifetimes – most people throughout their lifetimes – have tried to accomplish something, and they’ve experienced pain, because it’s perhaps not worked out.

You Might Think, "Why Don't They Care About Me Enough To Believe In Me?"
You Might Think, “Why Don’t They Care About Me Enough To Believe In Me?”

And so when you have elders in your life, or people in your life, or influencers in your life that care about you. They want to protect you from that pain. And their way of doing that is to try and – what you feel like, and what it seems like… “They’re trying to hold me back and stop me.”

“Why don’t they believe in me?” You might think. “Why don’t they care about me enough to believe in me? Why aren’t they supporting me?” You’ll probably have those feelings. “Why aren’t they being supportive? Why are they trying to hold me back? Why are they doing this? I thought they loved me.”

Motivation To Change Your Life And Overcome Obstacles To Your Success

And you’ll think all these thoughts, when the truth is these people DO love you. That’s just their mechanism of protection.

Find That Mentor Who's Done What You Want To Do, And Learn From Them
Find That Mentor Who’s Done What You Want To Do, And Learn From Them

But I want you to know one thing above all. You should believe in yourself, and listen to your own gut instinct. You believe in you. Believe in what you’re doing. You KNOW that you can live a better life, that you can provide more, that you can accomplish more, overcome obstacles to success, and find the motivation to change your life for the better.

The key is to find that person who can steer you there. Someone that’s doing, or has done what you want to do. Learn from them. Listen to them. That’s going to take an investment of time and money to do so. But it is absolutely imperative you do that.

Because if you ever want shut up those doubters, and prove to those around you, that you not only CAN do this, but you ARE doing this. Then it’s imperative you get the right help, the right advice, the right support, the right systems, the right tools… And you work on those every single day.

"Oh You Did It. How's It Done? Is It Something I Could Do?" No Better Feeling!
“Oh You Did It. How’s It Done? Is It Something I Could Do?” ~ No Better Feeling!

I Can Tell You There’s No Better Feeling…

…than when those people that used to laugh at you and tell you it’s not possible and that you’re a fool… There’s no better feeling when those people start coming to you saying, “Oh you did it. How’s it done? Is it something I could do?”

There’s no better feeling than those that love you and wanted to protect you, say, “I’m proud of you. You you did it. You stuck at it, and I’m so proud that you’ve turned it around.” No better feeling. (No better motivation to change your life.) So believe in yourself and make it happen.

So with that said, of course I’m here at Internet Profits HQ. Time jump in and dominate my day, and make things happen. We’ve got our team meetings today, this morning, so here we go – let’s kick this off.

And if of course I will see you back here with “What Does It Take To Be An Entrepreneur Online Working From Home?” – another episode of The Drive soon. Take care, bye for now.”

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  • March 20, 2021 at 9:03 am

    Smiles, I so much fell in love with this post. And had to read it twice. Your stories from failure to success truly inspires me. And am glad reading them. Thanks for sharing. Do have a wonderful and safe weekend out there.

  • March 20, 2021 at 9:10 am

    Oftentimes, the same people wanting to protect you from failure and pain, are the very people holding you back from success, and a great destiny.โ€ Well, like you’ve said, thatโ€™s their mechanism, and of a truth it oftentimes comes from their sincere and loving hearts. Even though it makes you go..Ought. That hurts.(ha ha…

    I do think in a way that..The best and greatest ways to silent insults in life is to produce results. Results swallow insults.

    Reading and seeing yours on the venture. It’s Legit. Better and greater days ahead I believe.

    • March 20, 2021 at 10:49 am

      Thank you for taking the time to share your insight on this subject.
      Appreciate your kind comments.


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