How To Build A Successful Business – Karate Kid Wax-On, Wax-Off Lesson

How To Build A Successful Business Karate Kid Wax-On, Wax-Off Lesson
How To Build A Successful Business Karate Kid Wax-On, Wax-Off Lesson

Lesson on how to build a successful business from Mr Miyagi in The Karate Kid. Waxing the car, painting the fence, sanding the deck. It’s all like building a successful business really.

Good morning! Welcome to The Drive. What a strange morning.

I’m looking in front of me and I can see the moon. It’s like a faint moon in the sky right there. And behind me is the Sun, what a strange thing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.

Anyway… It is the start of another week. We’re on the way to Internet Profits HQ, here in the UK.

This weekend I happened to turn on the TV (I don’t watch a lot of television, to be honest). Sat down, turned on the TV, was just about to eat some food… and…

The Original Karate Kid With Daniel Larusso And Mr Miyagi
The Original Karate Kid With Daniel Larusso And Mr Miyagi

One Of My Favorite Movies Of All Time

…(in the top 10 at least, I’m sure) was on. And it was The Karate Kid.

The original Karate Kid, right? There should be only one Karate Kid… with Daniel LaRusso and Mr Miyagi. And, y’know, it made me think of, when you’re doing new things, like, in your business.

When You’re First Starting Your Business…

…for example, and you’re having to learn all this new stuff that you’ve never heard of before. And it’s like, “What on earth is it?” or “How des it all connect?” “How does this, work with with this – how does it do it?”

At all different stages of your business, you’re going to go through those moments where you, like, y’know, “Ah, I just bought Infusionsoft, a CRM system – how does all this work?” And it’s all…

New Information Going Into Your Head

And it was kind of like when when The Karate Kid was was being taught by Mr Miyagi. He made a deal with him – he’s like, “I will train you to do karate to defend yourself, for the the tournament, and your part of the deal is… you will listen to everything I say, and you’ll do what I say, without any questions.”

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 110
Dean Holland, “The Drive” Episode 110

He’s like, “Yes”, Daniel-san agrees. And then he turns up the next morning to start his karate lessons, what Daniel-san thinks is obviously going to be how to throw a punch, how to kick, how to a block, how to defend.

And the first thing Mr Miyagi has him do is wax the car, and he teaches the famous thing,

“Wax On, Wax Off”

And he’s like, “Okay”. Just thinks it’s a chore he’s getting him to do, in exchange for payment of training him.

Then the next day, he teaches him to sand the deck.He’s like, “Okay this is like, sand, sand.” (circular motion of hands). Next day turns up, “Paint the fence.” Next time turns up, “Paint the house (side to side)”

And he gets angry at this point, right? He’s like really frustrated. Mr Miyagi comes back from fishing and he says, “What the hell’s going on? You’ve been fishing all day!

“You Said You’d Teach Me Karate – You Ain’t Taught Me Nothing!”

He’s really peed off about it, “You’ve taught me nothing, all you’ve had me do is be your slave for the last week.”

And then he’s about to storm off and Mr Miyagi calls him back and throws a punch at him. And y’know, he’s like Wax On. Boom! Blocks the punch! Right? You probably know the story.

If Your Mentor Says, "Do This" DO IT, And Figure Out The "Why" Later
If Your Mentor Says, “Do This” DO IT, And Figure Out The “Why” Later

But The Moral Of It Ultimately Is…

…there’s going to be times in your business where things don’t quite make sense.

Where you’re learning new things, where you’re being taught how to build a successful business, where somebody that you bought a training from, or a course from, or a product from… is advising you to do something in that course, and to you it doesn’t quite make sense.

Or you’ve got a mentor or a coaching program teaching how to build a successful business, and they’re saying, “Do this”. And you’re thinking, “I don’t quite see this.”

For Me, For Example…

…the very first coaching program I joined, having failed for four years… I was over $60,000 in debt at the time. I was about 24 years old and joined a coaching program, and some of the first advice I got was to start a blog.

And I’m thinking, “Well, hang on a minute, I want to make money. I don’t understand how writing a blog, how sharing my story on a blog, posting just content on the blog… how is that going to make me money? I’m broke and I want to get rich. How is posting on a blog going to get me there? I don’t get it.”

But I Listened… And I Didn’t Question

I didn’t physically say, “I’m not going to do this unless I fully get it.”

By Following My Mentor's Advice, I Made My First Money Online
By Following My Mentor’s Advice, I Made My First Money Online

I said, “Well somebody that’s more successful than me, somebody that’s doing what I want to do, somebody that’s got the results that I want… is telling me to do this thing, so I’m going to do it.”

And lo and behold, by continuing to follow my mentor’s advice each week, after five weeks I made my first commission online.

I Made My First Money On The Internet!

And so ultimately, sometimes when you’re learning new things, it’s not always going to make sense. But as long as you’re learning it from a trusted source, learn not to question everything to the point of not doing anything. Because you’ll only paralyse your own progress.

Learn to implement, and figure things out – it’s like jumping out the plane and figuring things out on the way down.

And that’s my message for today… Wax on, wax off – how to build a successful business.

Have a great day. I will of course see you again in “Turnover Rate – Discover Your Minimum Turnover Figure And Survive!” another episode of The Drive.

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