Ways To Make Money Online – The Four Core Components

Ways To Make Money Online - The Four Core Components
Ways To Make Money Online – The Four Core Components

Ways to make money online… Y’know it doesn’t have to be as hard as what a lot of people make it.

There is an easier way for somebody brand-new, to start making commissions and start earning money on the internet. And that’s what I’m going to share with you today.

Good morning welcome to another episode of The Drive. It’s Dean here of course. Just heading direct to Internet Profits HQ to finish the week strong – it is Friday of course.

Let Me Just Take You Back To 2004

I discovered, whilst working a seemingly poor paying bar job in a pub here in England, literally working six days a week, very unsociable hours on very, very little pay.

That lead me to go in search for; how could I make more money…

Ways To Make Money Online

And obviously this whole journey of discovery into making money online, and online marketing began.

And geez, talk about getting sucked down the rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland! I went down that that rabbit hole and a whole new world opened up to me. And that world was exciting…

That World Gave Me A Buzz

I Ended Up At An Internet Marketing Seminar For The First Time
I Ended Up At An Internet Marketing Seminar For The First Time

I saw such potential… I felt hope… I saw the prospect, the opportunity, of a financial freedom… of becoming more than what I was… of living more than what I was living.

Having more of everything, like more money, more freedom, more time.

And It Didn’t Happen

I lost over and over again. Until 2008 landed and I was literally on the brink of having to give it up… Not through choice, but through lack of options. I had no other resources left, so it seemed.

Sixty plus thousand dollars in debt, five credit cards, all but one maxed out (had about a thousand dollars left on it). I was living back at my mom’s house. I was in my mid-20s.

I had two bank loans that I’d taken out over the course of those years. One to clear the credit cards (then I used them all again!) And then one just to give me some extra money, and then I went and spent it all again.

And So I Was Living This Lie…

Because nobody in my life knew I had these debts, because I was afraid, I was so ashamed, I was scared. And I didn’t know really what to do.

Then October turned around and I ended up going to an internet marketing seminar for the first ever time. Met a few people. Saw some people that were living like I wanted to live.

Met Some Real Internet Marketers – Successful People

And with one of them, I used my last bit of money on the credit card to actually join his coaching program. Got him as a mentor, and started attending these weekly live calls, learning, studying, applying everything he taught me.

And over the weeks and the months ahead, I started to make money and I started to turn things around.

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 109
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 109

Nine Months Later I Quit My Job

…which was at a construction company by this point. And the following year made over half a million dollars in sales from one website.

But it was a long, long journey. Was it worth it? You bet it was!!

Now my life is unrecognisable to them. But still, this industry is plagued by the large majority of people that cannot make it work, that cannot make money, that cannot succeed.

And if I look back as to why I couldn’t succeed… well there were many reasons. But I’m gonna just pinpoint one key reason right now…

I Was Trying So Many Different Ways To Make Money Online

I’m not talking about things that worked well together… I mean completely different business approaches – completely different online business models!

And now I can pinpoint some key steps, so that…

If You Focus On These Steps, You Will Make Money

And so here’s what it is…

Number one: You have to be able to acquire traffic, okay? Traffic, component number one. You have to be able to get people to your website.

What is that website? You need an opt-in page, otherwise known as a squeeze page. A page where you basically build an email list from those people that you’re sending to your page. So component number two is list building, okay?

Component number three: Consistent communication and follow-up. Meaning don’t just get people on your list and do nothing. Email them every single day!

"Well Dean, What Do I Email Them Every Day?"
“Well Dean, What Do I Email Them Every Day?”

Your Next Question Is Going To Be…

“Well Dean, what do I email them?” Email them whatever it is that’s going on your day to day life.

Email them about that day; “Oh you’re not going to believe what’s happened today! So I’m at my job and ‘this’ happened” or, “I’m on my way to the shops earlier today and you won’t believe what I saw!”

Y’know these types of things.


It’s just sharing your life. It’s letting people in. You’re building this audience of people on your list. Let them into your world. Email them each day.

And with those emails, always look to tie them in to a call to action… Meaning, give a link to something. What do you want them to do?

You’re sharing a story with a call to action… a link to something.

Now if you’re just starting out, you won’t have your own products. Therefore you need to recommend other people’s affiliate marketing.

Get Your Affiliate Link…

Promote related, quality products that can help those people.

So if they’ve joined your list, in exchange for an e-book, or a video, or a case study (about blogging, for example) then you would want to recommend to them, something related to that. What is going to help them with that topic? Okay?

Therefore the fourth component is ‘offers’.

Let Me Take You Through This…

If You're Not Seeing Progress, This Is What You Need To Do
If You’re Not Seeing Progress, This Is What You Need To Do

These are the steps if you are stuck… really, really stuck… not seeing progress, not moving forwards. This is what you need to do…

  1. Traffic
  2. List build
  3. Consistent communication
  4. Offers

Those four things… You focus only on those… and nothing but those…

How do I get traffic? What do I offer them to get them on my email list? List build. Consistent communication – email them daily with a call to action… to offers. Okay?

Those four things… Traffic, list build, consistent communication, offers. Four steps to getting started making money online in 2018, 2019 and beyond.

So, hope you enjoyed this. Get focused. And I will of course see you again in another episode of The Drive.

I’m gonna keep sharing more and more videos like this, to help you start and grow your online business from zero to six figures, from six figures to seven figures, and then multiple millions of dollars a year online – where we’re now at and growing.

Thank you very much. See you in “How To Build A Successful Business – Karate Kid Wax-On, Wax-Off Lesson“, the next episode of The Drive.

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