Accountability In Your Small Business Or Online Home Business

Accountability In Your Online Home Business
Accountability In Your Online Home Business

I want to talk about a topic that some online home business owners will like, and some will not. Some people may disagree with, some people may like what I’m about to say.

But what I’m about to say is based off of what I have witnessed over the last few months.

And this isn’t to directly call out any individual personally, but actually an observation.

Now, when you are building a small business online, or when you have an online home business, each week or each day that passes, if you are not moving your business forward then ultimately you’re going backwards.

I don’t believe there’s such a thing as staying still – me personally – I believe…

You Are Either Moving Forwards Or You’re Going Backwards

Now I believe that having some accountability for yourself assists you in a positive way to keep you on track.

Different People React Differently To Accountability In Their Businesses
Different People React Differently To Accountability In Their Businesses

But here’s my topic of the day, that I want to just mention… is how different people react differently to accountability. And I’ll tell you where this is coming from…

Going back two or three months, I started in our private community group that we have just for our Certified Partners at Internet Profits (which is from our Partner Program). I do this daily broadcast that I call the Daily Dean inside of our group.

So Every Day, I Go On Facebook Live

…and I share something, or talk about a topic, or share something that’s working, or show them something that I’m doing. And one of the things I do every Monday is, I actually have an accountability session, where basically I ask people to leave their statement of intent for this week.

Meaning every Monday, they get to turn up to my live broadcast and and make a statement about what it is that they’re doing in their business and why they’re going to accomplish those things that week.

So it’s essentially, on Mondays, I say,

“Let Me Know What You’re Going To Get Done This Week”

And then at the end of the week, on Friday, I revisit what people have said – I read out what they said they were going to accomplish, for an update on how things are going.

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 42
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 42

Now I’ve noticed something interesting. Initially everybody was like, “Yes! Some accountability great. This is really going to be helpful.” But as time goes on, and this is not an observation that I’ve realised – this isn’t just from my Partners, this is everybody.

Everybody handles accountability differently. Some online home business owners thrive with accountability, and some shy away from accountability. And it’s interesting to see – and I tell you why this is – because…

Some People Say They’re Going To Do Things, But Don’t

Some people make a statement of intent, that I’m going to accomplish or finish X Y & Z tasks this week, and then it comes to the end of the week and I don’t hear from them.

Then the next week comes around, and people say things like, “Okay, so this week I’m definitely getting this done – I didn’t pull the trigger yet because of this reason or that reason. And then the next week comes and they say the same thing. And then eventually, they stop leaving their statement of intent.

So the reason I’m bringing this up today, is to get you to think – and I know some of our Certified Partners will be watching this, and if this applies to you, or if you’re not even our Certified Partners and this applies – this should be a…

Very Important Message For Online Home Business Owners

Are You Setting Goals? And Are You Getting Them Done?
Are You Setting Goals? And Are You Getting Them Done?

…a very important thought, that I want you to consider…

Are you:

a) Setting goals for yourself? …and…

b) Are you getting them done?

Because if you say I’m going to do a new video this week, or I’m going to write that blog post, or I’m going to place the ad, or I’m going to finish that case study, or I’m going to launch that product, I’m going to do this or that…

If the weeks keep passing by and you say you’re doing it, but you’re not – you need to address why.

Now I’ll Be The First To Say…

…that, over the last 12 months, I ran into a situation in my company where I had all these intentions of getting things done, and things were not happening in a timely manner that I’d set out.

And deadlines kept coming and going, and coming and going. And so…

I’m Not Being A Hypocrite When I Say This…

…but what I am saying is – if you find that this is happening to you, the lesson that I’ve learned over the last 12 months is; you have to sit down and assess why.

When You Understand The 'Why', Then You Can Find The Fix
When You Understand The ‘Why’, Then You Can Find The Fix

Why are you missing deadlines? Why is that thing not complete? Why did you say you’d get that done, and it isn’t? And when you understand the ‘why’, then you can find the fix. Then you can seek the solution.

For me, that solution was growing my team and bringing on-board new members into the company to help me get things finished. Because too much was my responsibility and too much wasn’t getting done.

If you’re saying you’re going to get it done, and you’re not getting it done because you’re afraid, or you fear getting it wrong, or you fear something not working out, then you’ve got to just get over that and push through.

But ultimately here’s the message of the day: First, set goals. Second, get them done to the best of your ability. And if you can’t or you’re not, assess why and fix it.

Okay, so with that said we’re here at the offices. Time for me to get in there do some recording and lots of other cool stuff. So have a great day and I shall see you again in A Different Way To Build An Audience On Facebook another episode of The Drive.

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