How To Plan And Get More Done In Your Business

How To Plan And Get More Done In Your Business
How To Plan And Get More Done In Your Business

I want to talk about how to plan or how to get more done this week in your business, or in any area of life actually.

Not just even in business; in your personal life, in your in your job if you have a job, in your business if you’re running a business, or how to have to get more done in your spare time for your business if you still have a full-time job.

Take me yesterday, for example right. On Sundays I generally try and relax and chill out and don’t really do a great deal of stuff. Just kind of relax.

But once it gets to Sunday afternoon, my mind naturally starts shifting to thinking about the week ahead. Like, what have we got to do? What what do we need to make sure we get done this week? Y’know, what projects? Where are we at in the projects? What is happening? Where is everything at?

And So What I Tend To Do Is…

Get Clear On What Time You Have To Put Into Your Business
Get Clear On What Time You Have To Put Into Your Business

…On Sunday, I make sure that everything for the week ahead is clear in my own mind and planned out. This is, I would probably say, even more important if you still have a job, and you’re juggling and balancing your personal life, your your job that currently pays the bills, and your desire to start a business.

The reason for that being is, that you obviously have less time, you’ve got so many other commitments in your life that tear you away from growing a business to lead to that end goal you’re ultimately looking for.

So It’s Even More Important For You

…that you’re really clear on what time you have to put into your business and what you’re going to get done during that time. And obviously then, when you transition to having your business and you’re doing that full-time, then you’ve got more hours to play with. So, build strong time management skills into your life.

Right now, for example, it’s just past 8:30 in the morning. I know that I’ll probably be at the office till 5 pm or 6 pm today and probably for most of the week, if not later. Because we’ve got five days to really get a tremendous amount of stuff done, as some staff holidays are coming up.

Here’s ultimately how to have the best week that you possibly can, and…

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 41
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 41

How To Get The Most Done That You Possibly Can

…Not to wait until the day, to figure out what needs doing that day, okay?

I truly believe that a successful day and a successful week comes by planning the day before, or the week before that new week is upon you. So take me, Sunday yesterday; I got clear, I spent two/three hours looking all our projects, making sure all the plans were in place in our project management system, making sure that, not only I was clear, but my team was clear.

If You’re Just A Business Of One Right Now

…then you need to make sure that you’re super clear. But once you start to grow your team, or you get outsourcers… Say you have a personal assistant as an outsourcer, or you’ve got any members of staff, or you’ve got an office and a team… Everybody else needs to know what they’re doing, everyone else needs to know what part they play in the long term goal, or in the goals you’re working on in the projects you’re allocating time to.

So there’s ultimately my big tip for this week, that hopefully you can not only apply this week, but try and…

Make That A Habit For Every Week

Allocate Some Time Each Friday, To Plan Out The Following Week
Allocate Some Time Each Friday, To Plan Out The Following Week

I’m not saying it has to be done on a Sunday. Some people don’t want to do any work at all on a weekend.

Therefore the way in which you would do it is, allocate some time on a Friday before you finish for the weekend. If you’re not planning on looking at your laptop or computer until Monday again, make sure on Friday you’ve got everything clear in your mind for the week ahead, so you can forget about it for the weekend.

One Of The Things That Happens As A By-Product Of Not Being Prepared

…as a by-product of not planning and getting clear, is that you actually can’t relax fully because it’s always on your mind.

You’re continually thinking about what you haven’t done, or what you might forget. Or you’re continually worrying about the possibility of missing something, or forgetting something, or messing up. Because you haven’t got everything down on paper, or down online, or y’know everything’s not clear.

And so that’s the advice for today’s daily Drive video:

The Perfect Day Or The Perfect Week Begins The Day Before Or The Week Before

Never Sit At Your Computer Thinking, "Right, What Shall I Do Today?"
Never Sit At Your Computer Thinking, “Right, What Shall I Do Today?”

…by planning, getting clear, knowing what you’re doing, knowing what anyone else that’s assisting you (whether it’s outsources or staff) are doing, to move you towards your goals, okay.

So obviously, you have to know what those goals are, you have to know what the out desired outcomes are, and then you have to know the steps that you’re going to take to get there.

Never, Ever Sit Down At The Computer Thinking…

“Right what shall I do today?” Always make sure, every time you sit down, you’ve already got it planned because you did it the day before or the week before. And that way, you should see you get more done, achieve your goals faster, and can actually enjoy more downtime because everything’s out of your head and actually fully prepared to be done.

So with that said, have a great day. I’ll see you of course tomorrow in Accountability In Your Small Business Or Online Home Business – another episode of The Drive.

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