Marketing Message: How To Know If You’ve Got Your Message Right

Marketing Message: How To Know If You've Got Your Message Right
Understanding If You’ve Got Your Marketing Message Right

It’s been a ‘random’ week in the office this week at Internet Profits. We’ve had so many drawbacks with stupid little things. Like software that we purchased not doing what it should. And so we get something else… and that’s not doing what it says. And, oh my gosh! Stupid delays!

But one of the things we just said yesterday is, y’know what… Scrap all this stuff, it’s getting far too complicated.

And we were trying to figure out – and here’s the big thing which is what I’ll talk about today – is understanding if you’ve got your marketing message correct.

This is one of the things I’ve realised – and I may have mentioned this briefly on on a previous Drive episode – but…

Have You Got Your Marketing Message Right?

A Gut Feeling We've Not Got Our Marketing Message Right Yet
A Gut Feeling We’ve Not Got Our Marketing Message Right Yet

Because one of the things we realised with our offer is, I just don’t think we’ve got it right now.

Now I haven’t had enough traffic to it yet to make a hundred percent judgement on that, but I’ve just got an inclination.

I believe that in life and business that gut instinct counts for a lot. And I’ve always found that in life, whenever I’ve gone against what I felt in my gut – sometimes it takes a long time to realise – but…

I Always Realise That My Gut Was Right Eventually

So nowadays, I tend to trust my gut much sooner. If I feel something in my gut that… my instinct is telling me this isn’t right… or this isn’t working… or I’ve got this wrong, then I’ll tend to start looking to move away and do it differently. Or I’ll make a change or shift it, whatever the instance may be.

And so you’ve got to think about that messaging and who you’re actually speaking to, and…

What The End Goal Is

…like, what is the goal? And here’s a big way to help with that.

A lot of people, when they start something online…

They’ll Begin From The Front Point

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 40
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 40

What I mean by that is, for example, let’s take us for example. Right now we have many products that range in price, from entry level products through to products that go into the multi-five figures – tens of thousands of dollars.

Now obviously, the best help we can give somebody is when they invest in the higher level stuff, like at five thousand, ten thousand dollar plus programs. That’s where we can deliver the maximum value and help to somebody.

So that’s ultimately what we need to work people towards. Because not only is that where we can give the maximum help, it’s also…

Where We Generate The Most Significant Profits

…for the business, right? Knowing that, what would make sense?

Would it make sense that I just throw up a squeeze page, start building an email list, and hopefully in amongst that list are people that would be interested in that $10,000 program?

Or, do you think the best thing to do is actually figure out who is…

The Ideal Customer To Buy That $10,000 Program?

Firstly... Find Out Who Your Ideal Customer Is
Firstly… Find Out Who Your Ideal Customer Is

Figure that out first, and then work my way back towards the front, where I can then say, “What do I offer on a squeeze page to attract that ideal person right from the beginning?”

Well obviously it makes sense to figure out who my ideal customer or client is first, and then work my way back towards the front. So if the $10,000 thing is the end goal – is the back end of the business – and the front end of the business is where I give away a free product and attract a prospect, then obviously it makes sense to figure out who is the ideal person for the back end stuff first, and go back to the front to…

Attract That Ideal Person Right From The Beginning

And I got this wrong for many years in business. I would always start with the front, start building the list and then start promoting stuff to that list.

Often I would find that actually not many people on that list are ideal for what I want to sell, because I didn’t use the correct “bait”, if you want to say that, to attract my ideal person in the first place. Therefore I ended up with a bunch of the wrong people.

So there’s my big marketing message tip of the day, on this glorious Friday here in the UK, is understand who you want to sell to, who you want to attract, and ensure you…

Use The Correct Marketing Message From The First Point Of Contact
Use The Correct Marketing Message From The First Point Of Contact

Have Your Marketing Message Correct From The Very First Point Of Contact

…in your business – and make sure you’re attracting that right person from the start.

Because otherwise all that happens is – you’re trying to help a bunch of people that don’t necessarily need or want that help and you’re wasting your time, you’re wasting your resources, you’re wasting your energy, when really that could be better spent helping the right type of people.

And you know when it comes down to list building, a lot of people seem to have this thing that, like, ‘the bigger your list, the better’. Well the only way that’s ever possibly true, is if you’ve got…

The Biggest List Of The Most Perfect, Ideal Customers

…in your business. There’s no point having a hundred thousand subscriber email list, when only five thousand of them actually want what you’re talking about. You might as well have an email list of five thousand, and them all be interested in what you’re talking about.

Hope that’s a good little tip for you here on this Friday. We are of course here at Windsor House, the headquarters of Internet Profits. So have a great day and I shall see you back with How To Plan And Get More Done In Your Business after the weekend. Have a good one!

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