Are You Guilty Of Being Too Generic With Your Marketing?

Are You Guilty Of Being Too Generic With Your Marketing
Are You Guilty Of Being Too Generic With Your Marketing

Good morning! Awesome day today… I will be finishing up some sales copy that I’m 60-70% of the way through and recording some videos.

Probably one of the things I’m most excited about today, just simply because it’s been a long time coming for the past weeks or even a couple of months, is actually ordering several thousands of visitors through email buy traffic, to test out the new things we’ve done with “The Perfect Offer” sales funnel.

So we’ve been finishing some things off, based on some early testing that we saw when we were driving traffic with Facebook Ads over the last week or so.

Here’s one of the things that I’ve realised with some of the tests and some of the things that we’ve been doing, that you can think about with your marketing and with whatever it is that you’re putting out in your business.

Is Your Marketing Speaking To Nobody In Particular?
Is Your Marketing Speaking To Nobody In Particular?

You need to look at – with your messaging, with your marketing, with your content, with whatever it is, whatever media you’re putting out – are you speaking to somebody specifically or a specific group of people? Or…

Are You Being Too Generic And Speaking To Nobody At All?

The way I would probably get you to think about that is, let’s just say, like me, you’ve got an English bulldog – a specific breed of dog.

If you were wanting to learn about that specific breed of dog, who would you listen to?

Would you listen to somebody that claimed to be an expert about dogs? Or would you listen to somebody who claimed to be an expert about English bulldogs?

You’d go to the specific expert for something more specific to what you were interested in, right? That specific breed of dog.

One of things that you always have to remind yourself is, you need to…

Figure Out Who It Is You’re Wanting To Speak To

..who is it that you want to actually attract in your business.

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 38
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 38

It’s one thing to say, “Well, I help people that have an online business”. Okay well, is there a specific type of business that you’d like to help somebody in. Or is there a specific type of business model that you prefer, or have a better understanding or expertise on?

The reason I say this to you is because, what’s apparent with our new front end product, “The Perfect Offer” training program, is that ultimately it is something that could undoubtedly help many different types of businesses.

So one of the things that I was looking at is, who would get the most value and the best results from implementing what I teach in this product?

I realised, ultimately it wasn’t just one specific group, or one specific business model. It wasn’t JUST going to work for those that own their own products.

It’s not JUST going to work for those that are affiliate marketers, or e-commerce businesses, or network marketers, or any other type of business.

It Would Work For Multiple Categories Of Business Model

And so, what we’ve realised is that; because I was approaching it with that mindset that I knew that this training would help e-commerce store owners owners, digital product vendors that have their own digital products, network marketers, affiliate marketers.

Are You Trying To Appeal To A Broad Audience, Or Even Everyone?
Are You Trying To Appeal To A Broad Audience, Or Even Everyone?

Those four categories EASILY could benefit MASSIVELY, and could change their business permanently, by applying what’s in that training.

But the problem is, by having a sales video that doesn’t really appeal to anyone individually, specifically, but tries to appeal to everyone, it doesn’t necessarily speak to anyone.

For instance, those that are affiliate marketers – it doesn’t directly talk to the wants and needs and problems of an affiliate marketer… because we didn’t want to discount e-commerce experts or store owners. Does that make sense?

So what we basically did – a follow on from that – is, because we built this and I had that inclination like we made a mistake with that. So what we’ve basically done is…

We Put A Survey In Front Of The Sales Page

So now, what we’re going to be doing, is actually driving traffic to a quiz. And in that quiz, it asks them a few questions.

But one of the most significant questions that dictates ultimately what we do is, “What type of business model do you run?” “Are you an affiliate marketer?” “Are you a digital product owner?” “Are you a network marketer?” “Are you an e-commerce store owner?” And they’ll tell us.

Now here’s where that becomes exciting!

Send Visitor To A Specific Page, Based On Their Landing Page Survey Answer
Send Visitor To A Specific Page, Based On Their Survey Answer

What we’ve then done is, depending on the answer they provide, they get sent to a different page.

So now if you’re an affiliate marketer, you land on a page that would say, “Hey, you’re an affiliate marketer, awesome! Here’s what I want to share with you…” And it talks specific to them, and then sends them on to the offer.

So We’re Bridging The Gap…

We bridge the gap from not knowing what business they have, to finding out, to then specifically talking to them.

And so, there is a big lesson for your business: Are you speaking to somebody or are you speaking to nobody?

You want to laser in on who you want to speak to, who you want to attract, and ensure that what you’re putting out there is speaking directly to the wants, needs and problems of that individual, or of that group of individuals within that sector.

I hope you find that helpful. We are of course here, as you can see. So have a great day and I’ll see you in “Copywriting: When It Comes To Writing Good Sales Copy – Bullet Points!“… another episode of The Drive.

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