Stop Wasting Time And Money On Marketing Gimmicks: Do This Instead

Have You Invested In Any Exciting Marketing Gimmicks Over The Last Year?
Have You Invested In Any Exciting Marketing Gimmicks Over The Last Year?

Two important questions to ask yourself today… One: How many shiny marketing gimmicks have you invested in over the last year? Two: And have any of them substantially contributed to your bottom line this year? Well, Dean’s got something important to say about this, which may transform your online business forever…

“These last few days I’ve been putting together a new presentation for a webinar that we’re going to be doing next week, that we’ll be inviting the public to.

And something dawned on me when I was putting together one of the slides. It really hit home. I really saw this clearly. Even though I understood it, I saw it clearer than probably ever before, because I was actually putting those words onto the slide, onto the presentation. And I want to share this.

As The Saying Goes, "Money Loves Speed"
As The Saying Goes, “Money Loves Speed”

Good morning everybody! Welcome to another episode of The Drive. Dean here of course, en route to Internet Profits HQ. The sun is shining on a cold, wintry, wet morning here in the UK.

I hope you’re good, and having a great week. Still pushing forwards, and still trying to crush all your goals. Goals don’t wait for anyone. As they say, “Money loves speed” and, “Time waits for no man or woman.”

So… I spent the last few days – and I’m still going to be continuing on with this today – putting together a webinar presentation that is going to be taking place next week. And I’m going to be talking about some very, very important stuff.

I’m going to be talking about the problems people face with affiliate marketing, why that is only going to get worse, and why more people than ever will have to give up and quit – if they don’t put four specific things in place in their business.

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 138
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 138

And I’m really looking forward to sharing this stuff. I’ve never publicly spoken about this. This is based on everything we see happening in the industry and analysing all our data from the last 12 to 18 months.

Some Pretty Shocking And Scary Stuff, Especially If You’re Not Yet Successful

But that’s not what I want to talk about today. What I specifically want to mention to you is… I was putting one section of the presentation together, and it really just kind of hit me like, “Wow yeah, this is really, really true of this industry.”

And it’s something that everybody needs to see clearly and really understand. Because if you don’t, you’ll continue taking incorrect actions, consuming incorrect information, and essentially stay stuck and continue to lose money.

So what am I talking about? Well, I see in this industry that there is an overwhelming number of people that are offering and selling gimmicks.

Marketing Gimmicks, Sales And Advertising Gimmicks

No Gimmicky Thing Is Going To Put Money In Your Bank Account
No Gimmicky Thing Is Going To Put Money In Your Bank Account

Gimmicks that, on the outset are appealing – sound like they’re valuable – sound like they’ll do something good… But really they’re just a gimmick. They’re a “thing”. Yeah, I’m not saying that they don’t always serve a purpose.

But what a lot of these people aren’t telling you is that, without the underlying assets, processes, or things in place in an online business – these marketing gimmicks aren’t going to serve you one bit.

No piece of gimmicky thing is going to put money in your bank account, without an underlying system / process / asset / strategy in place in your online business. And so, you need to understand that…

There Is A Difference Between Gimmicks And Skills

What most people need – what everyone needs – when they’re starting out, is to learn certain skills to allow you to get results in your business.

Much like a sports professional needs their skills. They practice – they learn those skills and they practice them every single day. A trades person, or anyone in any kind of skilful career, has to learn those skills to be able to do their job every day correctly.

What You Do Need To Be Doing Is Investing In Learning Skills
What You Do Need To Be Doing Is Investing In Learning Skills

And as an online entrepreneur, as an online marketer, affiliate marketer, network marketer, service provider, coach, consultant – whatever it may be – there are skills that you have and possess to get the results you’re getting.

So, If You’re In Those Early Stages…

…understand that what you don’t need to be doing is buying and wasting time and money on marketing gimmicks. What you do need to be doing is investing in learning skills.

Okay, so just understand that. Because I wasted a lot of money on marketing gimmicks. I’ve lost a lot of years to gimmicks. And a lot of people are still doing so.

So understand there are gimmicks and skills – you need the skills, before the gimmicks can assist you in any way – even if that’s physically possible, as most of them are just junk.

With that said, have a great day. Thanks for watching and I will of course see you in “The Matrix Advertising Test: Always Be Testing And Advertising” – another episode of The Drive. Take care.

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