Learn New Skills Online: All Talents And Skills Are Learnable

Learn New Skills Online - All Talents And Skills Are Learnable
Learn New Skills Online – All Talents And Skills Are Learnable

When it comes to learning new skills online, the sky is the limit. You can learn new skills online for free on just about any subject. In fact, it’s true that ultimately all skills and talents are learnable. All it takes are sufficient motivation, determination to find the best information online, and dedication of time and effort to learn new skills online…

“I’m excited. On the way to the office now. It is 8:07 in the morning. Let’s do this.

Good morning everybody. It is Dean Holland here of course, en-route to Internet Profits HQ. Thanks for joining me here on this journey, on this fine morning. I hope you are pumped for the day ahead, no matter what it looks like.

Are You Excited For Your Day Ahead?
Are You Excited For Your Day Ahead?

Whether you’re starting your business, and you’re still going to a day job that you don’t want to be at. But you’re…

Building Your Online Business In Your Spare Time

Or whether you are running your own business full time, in whatever way that you do that.

Now, we’ve got a lot going on here at Internet Profits. But just before I discuss that, and share some of that with you, letting you in behind the scenes of what we’re working on and focused upon… I want to just talk about something…

Dean Holland's "The Drive" Episode 174
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 174

A lot of people talk about external things that are not within their control. Y’know;

  • “I can’t do this, because of this.”
  • “It’s not possible for me to get that done, because of this.”
  • “I don’t know how to do that, and I’m at a disadvantage because of this.”

Nobody was born with any talents or skills. For some people, yes, things come quicker to them. But all skills and everything you want to do, is learnable. And there are always people teaching online.

YouTube… Second biggest search engine in the world right now. It’s just a wealth of information. You can find out how to do anything and…

Learn New Skills Online From YouTube

You Can Control The Amount Of Effort You Put Into The Day
You Can Control The Amount Of Effort You Put Into The Day

So instead of focusing on the things you can’t control… Like, you might be freaking dead tomorrow! I might be dead tomorrow. We can’t control that. If that’s gonna happen, that’s gonna happen.

But what you CAN control today, is the amount of effort that you put in. I can control whether I turn up today, and I’m just ‘there’… Or I turn up, and I’m real and present, and putting in effort, progressing myself, my business and my impact, forwards.

Some people in the world are just showing up, and they might as well not bother. It’s like you’re turning up at your job, but you might as well just not bother. Even if you don’t enjoy it, even if it’s not your long-term thing – you should be giving everything your maximum effort. Because…

Be Someone Who Goes All-In, Maximum Effort All The Time
Be Someone Who Goes All-In, Maximum Effort All The Time

How You Do Something, Is How You Do Everything

There’s people that are messy and sloppy at home. And I guarantee they’re messy and sloppy in their jobs, or in their business. There are people who laze around. And I guarantee that their efforts in all areas of their life, reflect that they laze around.

You can control how much effort you put in every single day, in every single area. Be one of those that goes all-in, maximum effort all the time. okay?

Now, with that little bit of wisdom done here. I hope that gets you fired up for the day ahead. Because I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a lot that I plan on accomplishing.

I'm Literally Starting From Scratch With; 1. What's In My Head 2. Being A Certified Partner
I’m Literally Starting From Scratch With; 1. What’s In My Head, 2. Being A Certified Partner

For example… what have we got happening? We’re still running the…

Kick-Start Coaching Program

…which is a coaching that we offer to our Certified Partners.

Basically, the premise of the program is to watch me personally every day for a duration of six weeks, starting from scratch, using only what I know in my head. So I won’t be mailing my email list, I’ve got to start from scratch. No proven squeeze pages / landing pages / opt-in pages. No email follow-ups that I’ve already used.

Just literally starting from scratch. And the premise being;

What would I do starting from scratch, just using what’s in my head, and being a Certified Partner at Internet Profits (with everything that we have available to our Certified Partners)… How would I start from scratch to build an online business?

And the Partners literally get to watch and copy me over the next six weeks beginning that process. Then obviously, they’ll have the process, tools and abilities to just continue that on, continue to grow and reach their goals over the weeks, months, and years that follow.

So that’s a big thing that’s happening, that’s going on every single day. What comes in line with that obviously, are email campaigns. I’m also working on a webinar campaign, which is exciting. Also got some ad campaigns to get up and running for the new Affiliate Marketer’s Playbook funnel…

We’re Starting To Plan A Documentary…

New Documentary About Going From $60K Debt To $9M Online Sales
New Documentary About Going From $60K Debt To $9M Online Sales

…that we’re going to be putting together. Basically a documentary about how I went from jumping from low paying job, to job, to job – struggling. Going to over $60,000 in debt before my mid-20’s. And how I came out of that, and built a business that went on to sell over nine million dollars of products. While helping hundreds and hundreds of others to start and grow a business online as well, following in my footsteps.

So we’re making a documentary about this. Isn’t going to be something quick – I’m not anticipating this to go out any time soon. But over the next couple of months, we should see the release of that. And I’m excited to put that out into the world.

Because I feel showing people that journey, showing people where I truly came from, and what I had to go through to get to where we are today. The different ups and downs on this roller coaster that it’s been. And really showing people at the end of all that, as it stands as of today…

Doing A Video - "A Day In The Life Of An Ultimate Funnel Owner"
Doing A Video – “A Day In The Life Of An Ultimate Funnel Owner”

It’s been 14 years since I began that journey, and I’ve got a lot to share. I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve got a lot to pass on. And so we’re gonna put together that free documentary and show the whole process. And that’s pretty exciting.

So we’re gonna beginning starting to plan that, start looking at it and figuring out how it’s all going to come together.

Plenty of videos to record… I’m doing a video that’s like,

“A Day In The Life Of An Ultimate Funnel Owner”

Launched Our Brand New Funnel For The Affiliate Marketer's Playbook
Launched Our Brand New Funnel For The Affiliate Marketer’s Playbook…

So, a day in the life of a Certified Partner that has access to our ‘Ultimate Funnels’ – just like I do. What that day looks like, compared to what one of my days used to look like before this.

It’s like kind of me documenting my day, just with my cell phone. It won’t be like a proper full-on documentary, like what I was referring to above.

And there’s loads of other stuff going on and happening as well, of course. I’m always doing my daily broadcast, putting out content, and doing these Drive videos.

So keep following along with what’s happening. Especially considering last week we launched our brand new funnel, for the Affiliate Marketer’s Playbook…

Keep Following Along With What's Happening At Internet Profits
Keep Following Along With What’s Happening At Internet Profits

We’ve got to keep working on that, growing and optimising our sales funnels always. We’re always optimising and growing.

With that said, I will of course see you back here with “Develop Positive Thinking: Change Your Mind To Change Your Life” – the next episode of The Drive. Thank you for joining me here on another journey to Internet Profits HQ. Have a great week ahead. This is Dean Holland signing off.”

Hope you enjoyed this update from Dean. And don’t forget that you can learn new skills online, simply by searching for ‘how to’ videos on YouTube for example, and then applying yourself to the learning process. Please share this message on your social media accounts. And feel free to start a conversation by leaving a friendly, constructive comment below.

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