Never Fail Again: How To Never Fail At Anything Ever Again

How To Never Fail Again
How To Never Fail Again

Here’s how you will never fail again at anything you attempt to achieve.

So, you know what I said to someone yesterday? I was having a conversation, and this person was kind of a little bit down.

They’ve basically been saying, “This is not working out”, “I failed again”, “I’m really getting this wrong” etc. etc.

And I said,

“There Really Isn’t Any Such Thing As Failure”

…You need to adjust the way in which you’re viewing what’s happening in your business at this stage.

And so I want to share this same message with you today. Because I used to think this way too.

I used to see, every time something went wrong, as a failure – as a failed attempt. Like, oh!… It’s gone wrong again, it’s not worked out again, I’ve failed again!

If you ever think to yourself, “I’ve failed again” or this project has failed, this funnel has failed, this offer has failed, the squeeze page has failed, this website has failed, this blog has failed – whatever it is.

You Never 'Fail'... You Just Learn Something New
You Never ‘Fail’… You Just Learn Something New

If you ever think that about anything in your business…

Today Marks A New Day Where You Will Never Fail Again

And I want to tell you why…

Here’s what I said yesterday, “You haven’t failed – you have just learned something.”

Okay, think about this. Every single time that you take an action, and you perceive that whatever that action was, has failed.

Instead of thinking that…

From This Day Forward I Want You To Realise…

…that what’s actually happened is – you produced a result, right? You produced an outcome.

Now if you’re perceiving that you failed, what’s really happened is – the result that you produced wasn’t the one you’d hoped for.

Instead of thinking, “I failed!”… think to yourself, “I’ve produced this result, what did I learn?”

What a different way to look at it, right? Does that make sense?

I have not failed, I’ve produced an outcome, and what did I learn?

And Here’s The Exciting Thing!…

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 63
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 63

When you start to change the way you think about your apparent failures, you’re going to realise that your biggest lessons, your biggest breakthroughs, your most significant discoveries… come from the outcomes you produce that we’re not as hoped.

You’ll never fail again!

And that is what I seriously want you to put thought into, and immediately shift, as of this moment. I want you to realise that never again will you fail.

But from this day forwards, if something doesn’t work out as hoped, instead of getting down and telling yourself, “Oh, I failed again!” and being annoyed, and angry, and frustrated at yourself and the outcome – think to yourself,

“Okay, What Have I Done Here?”

“…I’ve produced a result, I’ve got an outcome.

It wasn’t the one I hoped, but what have I learned?”

When you think about things that way, you will begin to spot things, and identify things, and learn things that you would have otherwise never noticed.

And there lies…

Your Biggest And Most Important Breakthroughs

…for your business.

What was it?… When Edison created the light bulb he said, “I haven’t failed 10,000 times, I’ve just discovered 10,000 times that didn’t work.”

And that’s what I want you to think with your business. Never fail – you will never fail again.

You Will Always Produce Outcomes That Teach You Something
You Will Always Produce Outcomes That Teach You Something

You may produce outcomes or results that you weren’t hoping for or wasn’t intended, but you will only ever learn from these things from this day forwards.

And that should…

Change The Dynamics Of Your Business And Your Life Forever

Because now you can always be proud to say, “I never fail with anything I ever do. I only ever learn.”

That is an exciting prospect, don’t you think?

Because, if you think about it, who enjoys to fail? Nobody really, nobody likes to fail.

But who likes to learn? Who likes to discover? Me! And probably you, right?

Learning how to do things correctly is exciting! Discovering new things is exciting!

So from this day forwards…

This Is All You’re Ever Going To Do:

Produce outcomes that teach you something.

And eventually, you hit the outcome that you wanted – the desired outcome.

So I hope that helps. Like I say, I was sharing that with a client yesterday, and I hope that makes a difference to you today.

Proudly Launching Our Brand New Certified Partner Program
Proudly Launching Our Brand New Certified Partner Program

I am here at Internet Profits HQ. It’s a time for a big day. Lots of great things happening.

Next week, we actually launch our…

Brand New Certified Partner Program

…with our new Certified Partner members area for all our current Certified Partners.

We’re currently designing physical packs for Certified Partners that go out in the mail like a graduation box package with a t-shirt and many other things in there.

So today, and in the last couple of days of this week, we’ve got a ton of stuff to wrap up. So I’m excited!

I’m no doubt going to find many ways to produce many results and outcomes that will teach me things that weren’t a desired outcome on our path to receiving that desired outcome and results.

So have a great day. Thanks for joining me here on this journey, understanding how to never fail again. This was Dean Holland once again, signing out. So with that said have a great day, and I’ll talk to you again soon in “Growth Of Business – What Happens When You’re Not Prepared For It” next time.

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One thought on “Never Fail Again: How To Never Fail At Anything Ever Again

  • November 14, 2018 at 3:27 pm

    Learning from your mistakes is an important thing. I never framed my entrepreneurial failures in such a way, though. You are right on the money, though. It is a learning experience, you now know what won’t work and what will work. I am never giving up on entrepreneurship and know from prophecy that I’ll eventually succeed in it, wildly, someday. In Gods’ willed time.

    So, I didn’t fail, as you said above, I learned. Thanks for showing me this and the other article you replied to me with, yesterday. This was great!


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