Growth Of Business: What Happens When You’re Not Prepared For It

Growth Of Business: What Happens When You’re Not Prepared For It
Growth Of Business

Are you properly prepared and ready for your growth of business?

Here’s Dean Holland’s confession of when he wasn’t prepared for the massive, sudden growth of his business, how he got Internet Profits back on track, and the surprising lesson he’s just now learned after recently looking back on his past mistakes, which he shares with us today…

“Something Rather Special…

…rather unexpected, and rather humbling, and just amazing – mind-blowing – happened yesterday.

I speak a lot on these Drives about what it is we’re working on… Like, we’ve got this new product that we’re testing and optimising, we’ve got this new funnel, we’ve got this, we’ve got that.

But I don’t get the opportunity obviously, to share everything that’s happening.

And one of the things is, like, for the last – well you’ll have picked up on this if you’ve followed the Drives…

But about six or eight months ago, we started this this phase of the company where I began to develop and renovate brand new offices for the company in the UK here.

And a few months back we moved into those offices.

Just Incredible…

…offices, if you’ve seen them on my social media at all, that we’ve built. I’ve gone for this amazing atmosphere for the team, and have now got this amazing team that all work together.

But one of the things is, that took place during this time… Is that I pumped so much into the growth of business, so much of my funds into the business to do what we’ve been doing.

And at the same time, while that was happening, we were also…

Going Through A Growth Of Business Transitional Phase…

…where we wanted really to change our products, change our messaging and, in doing so, change who we attracted into the business – change the type of customer we appeal to.

I won’t go into the reasoning behind that today, but essentially what it meant was, outgoings went through the roof, income was declining because of all of this, and I went through… well, for the last last 12 or 18 months we’ve been slowly doing that, but what happened is…

Before I built this office, and before I built the team, we went through a huge growth of business stage. We literally went from like…

$100K A Month To Over $300K A Month, In 2 Months Or So!

And we just weren’t prepared.

I’d just never been at that level and I wasn’t ready for it, to be honest. And these are the mistakes that I made.

I didn’t grow the team. I didn’t grow the company resources. I didn’t grow the infrastructure in time. I didn’t grow the help, like, bringing on new members of the team into the company to help facilitate this growth.

And so, long story short…

A Lot Of Cracks Began To Appear

…and I couldn’t fill them fast enough. I just wasn’t prepared ultimately for the growth of business.

So this is why – if you wondered like what’s the reason for the new office? What’s the reason for all these changes, all the growing of the team, and all this stuff?

Well yeah, a huge part of this was the mistakes that I made, not being ready for the growth of business.

And an outcome of that was that, instead of continuing that forward momentum and growth that we were experiencing, we began slowing down and starting to head back to where we were.

By no means am I saying we stopped making money. Because we still, by all accounts many would say…

Gosh, We Were Still Doing Amazingly Well

But compared to where we were, we weren’t doing amazingly well – that growth of business momentum should have continued, should have carried on. But it didn’t. It went the other way. And, y’know, hands up! I made a ton of mistakes and I created it.

So we we had this happen. And so that’s why all these changes have been occurring. That’s why all this stuff has been happening.

And so the important thing is…

I’ve Never Really Shared This Before…

Because I think what happens is, often in life and in business it can be very tough to say things aren’t going as well as I’d like. It can be very difficult to admit that type of stuff.

I remember when my business first started, after four years of failure between 2004 and 2008, it can be difficult to admit what situation you’re in. And I remember my very first blog post, admitting the mess I was in.

Yesterday I did the same thing. I wrote a public post on Facebook and shared exactly what’s been going off for the last 12 or 18 months. And the way it was received was phenomenal!

Literally Hundreds Of People Liking, Commenting, Sharing

…and even private messages from people I’ve not heard from in years, and close people as well, reaching out to me and saying I can really resonate.

And I think the reality is – what I’ve realised is – life isn’t perfect, business isn’t perfect. So many people go through struggles, hard times and unexpected experiences, and have results and outcomes that they weren’t anticipating.

But the trouble is, people often feel trapped. Because in the online marketing space, when you are somebody that is teaching people and guiding people, and you’re a mentor, or a coach, or an expert, or a professional, or a service provider…

It Can Be Very Tough…

…both physically and psychologically, to hold your hand up and say, “You know what? Not everything’s going great, or as good as it should do in my business.”

Because you realise that, well, I’ve got people that I’m mentoring and supporting. How can I tell them when they depend on me, and rely on me… How can I say to those people, our forward business growth, our huge growth of business and momentum that we had and have, is starting to slow down and go backwards?

And how can you say, “I’ve made some mistakes.” It can be very difficult.

But the truth is…

And I Proved It Once Again Yesterday

…and I really didn’t know what would happen – but people understand.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time doing a lot of reflecting and thinking on that post, and the reception it got, and the messages that I’ve had, and the outreach that people have come to me with.

And you know what I thought yesterday? That actually it’s not something that we should hide away from – when things aren’t going to plan.

Because here’s the reality. I thought about it yesterday.

If I were going to invest in a mentor (as I do of course), who would I rather go to?

Think About This For Yourself…

If you can resonate with what I’ve just said – think about this.

If you were investing in a mentor, or someone to support you, or coach you in your business, who would you rather get support from? Who would you rather invest in?

Somebody that has success but hasn’t really had failures too much – hasn’t necessarily gone through struggles and hard times in their growth of business?

Or somebody that has success, but has gone through ups and downs, has had failures, has had struggles.

Who Would You Rather Invest In?

For me, I want the person that’s had the struggles. I realised this yesterday. I would not want the person that hasn’t had the hard times, hasn’t had the failures. Because when I then encounter the failures and the struggles, that person won’t be able to help me.

So I realised yesterday, y’know what? We should always speak out. We should always be honest. Because if history’s taught me anything – at every single time when I’ve done that and felt the courage to do it – people have always related to me, and it’s always been that turning point in my business.

The good side of this is – the other side of the coin is – and the other thing I was sharing that post for is, because actually, everything that we’ve been building up for – all of this backwards momentum, and all of this investing that I’ve done for the last eight plus months…

It’s all been really building up to…

What’s About To Begin Happening Next Week…

Next week really is the start of a new growth of business era here at Internet Profits.

New products, new offers, new marketing material, new sales messages to appeal to different buyers, to attract the type of people we really want to work with now and help.

It’s exciting. I feel this is – I’ve said this many times to our clients and it’s almost become like a standing joke – I’ve been doing this for a long, long time, but I truly feel we’re just getting started.

This is like the big beginning, the new era, the turning point for our clients.

And with that said have a great day, thank you for joining me here on this Drive. Thank you for all your support and following.

I’m truly excited to keep sharing – you know, it’s the entrepreneurial roller-coaster. And here we are, and it’s incredibly exciting where we’re at, and I couldn’t be more grateful to all of you for following us and supporting us. And it is about to heat up here in the Internet Profits kitchen!

Have a great rest of your week. I will be back of course with The Perfect Offer Method (FREE) And A “Done-For-You” Digital Business – another episode of the Drive. Thanks for joining me here on this journey.

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