How To Grow Your Business With Social Media Using Your Own Leverage

How To Grow Your Business With Social Media Using Your Own Leverage
How To Grow Your Business With Social Media Using Your Own Leverage

Here are Dean’s tips and examples of how you can use your own personal leverage to grow your business with social media online, the easy way…

“Okay, leverage, leverage, leverage! One of the fastest ways to shortcut and speed up the growth of your business and your success.

Good morning! Welcome to another episode of The Drive.

Today… y’know, what I’ve been thinking about this morning… A lot of people always ask questions like…

“What is the biggest shortcut to success? What is the thing that gets people to succeed?”

The majority of people in the home business industry are struggling – as in, can’t figure things out, can’t make things work. And y’know, there’s a lot of people that obviously get a few sales, earn a few commissions, and then nothing really continues to happen.

What's The Quickest Way To Go From Zero To Significant Results
What’s The Quickest Way To Go From Zero To Significant Results

Then there’s a lot of people that can’t even make those first few commissions. And I was exactly the same, back when I first started in 2004. I didn’t make my first commission until 2008 – which is…

Pretty Insane When You Think About It, Right?

Like, to be trying to build a business or make money online for four years, before you actually make money online! And the crazy thing is, usually by that stage… (certainly was true for me) is you’ve spent so much, that it can almost be too difficult to see your way out and into profit.

So I was thinking about this, this morning. I was thinking, “Y’know, what is the answer to that question?” “What is the quickest way?”

Or, “What is one of the things that can dramatically help and accelerate you, from zero to results?”

And even when you’re getting some results, “What is the thing that can take you from some results, to lots of results, or bigger results?”

The answer is actually the same, in many respects. And that is “leverage.”

I’ve spoken about this with our clients and Certified Partners so many times, because it never changes: Leverage. Why is it that you see some people…

Their Growth Just Goes Wild, And Fast, And Insane!?

Dean Holland The Drive Episode 127
Dean Holland’s “The Drive” Episode 127

And it’s actually because of leverage. They get momentum, and they continue to leverage that momentum.

And so, here’s a quick example of this. I know this is actually such a vast topic. I could I probably spent hours and hours teaching on this. But let me just give one quick thing that you can do to leverage.

When you learn something, or when you accomplish something, or when you achieve something… Don’t keep it to yourself – leverage it.

Here’s what I would mean by that. Let’s just say that you’ve just made your first commission…

What you should be doing is shouting from the rooftops! Or in the current age that we live in, shouting it out on social media… growing your business on social media…

Telling your story. Leveraging what you’ve just achieved and accomplished.

Don’t think, “Oh, well it’s just $20”, or, “It’s just 100 bucks”, or it’s “this”, or it’s “that”…

Because so many people have not been able to achieve that.

They Want To Hear About YOU

About how you’ve done it. And to learn from your story.

When You Learn Or Achieve Something That Helps To Grow Your Business, Shout It Out On Social Media
When You Learn Or Achieve Something That Helps To Grow Your Business, Shout It Out On Social Media

Okay, now perhaps you haven’t made money. Perhaps you’ve learned how to drive traffic. Or perhaps you’ve learned how to set up a blog. Perhaps you’ve added your first 10 subscribers to your email list.

Whatever it is, whatever you’ve learned, whatever you’ve achieved, whatever you’ve accomplished… Shout about it, and leverage it. And do so in a way that attracts people to enquire with you.

So for example, let’s just say that you have been studying a course, and you have followed that course, and you’ve got results of some kind. Whether it’s… built a list, got some traffic, made some money… whatever it is, right?

Now go and leverage that by shouting it from the rooftops, or posting it on social media – sharing the story, sharing the results, sharing the excitement.

And then simply say something like…

“If you’d like to know the program that I follow to do this, then drop me a private message and I’d be more than happy to share it.”

It’s Opening Up Conversation Without Being “Salesy”

And now people are going to message you, if you’ve got people watching and following you.

If you’ve got friends on Facebook that are in the same industry, also looking to make money online, or build a business, and that’s what you’re leveraging…

"So, Here's What I Basically Did... Here's The Course I Bought, And Here's The (Affiliate) Link."
“So, Here’s What I Basically Did… Here’s The Course I Bought, And Here’s The (Affiliate) Link.”

Then when people message you, you could say…

“Good to speak to you… So, here’s what I basically did… Here’s the course I bought, and here’s the (affiliate) link.”

Give them the steps, so people have someone and something to follow.

Now you’re going to start getting more results. Because now, more people are going to start following you, listening to you… And now you can leverage again, and again, and again.

And that is one of the things that is HUGELY powerful to anyone at any stage in their business, especially if you want to grow your business with social media.

Whether it’s your first subscriber, your first visitor, your first commission… Or whether you’ve gone from $10,000 a month to $20,000 or $50,000 a month. Leverage all of that!

Dean’s back again with “How To Change Your Life For The Better In 2020 And Beyond” – the next episode of The Drive.

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