The Matrix Advertising Test: Always Be Testing And Advertising

The Matrix Advertising Test - Always Be Testing And Advertising
The Matrix Advertising Test – Always Be Testing And Advertising

Some creative inspiration today, to always be advertising and getting your message out there. Can you find a new twist or approach you could use in an advertising test? Well, Dean’s got a new video marketing idea that he wants to share with you today, just to get your creative juices flowing…

“Hey, hey! So… I’m in the Internet Profits HQ already, and not in the car on The Drive – and I’ll show you why. We just took a delivery. I had to be here a little early this morning.

Good morning everybody. Welcome to today’s Drive video. Only, I’m not driving. I’m here right now in the Internet Profits HQ. And I’ll show you why in just a second.

Delivery At Dawn For A New Video Advertising Test

You see, I just had to be here early this morning at around about 7:30 am to accept and be here for a delivery that should’ve actually come on Friday of last week. But it didn’t. And I’m gonna show you what we just finally received, and then I’m gonna ask you if you can understand why. Check it out…

Why On Earth Do We Want These Two Old Leather Chairs In Our Offices?
Why On Earth Do We Want These Two Old Leather Chairs In Our Offices?

So we got these two old chairs. You’re probably wondering, just like the delivery drivers did – what on earth do we want those old chairs for? Well let me show you something else. Check out our little mascot. He’s got this long leather jacket…. What might it be for?

Well, one of the things that you’re going to see as we go into the new year is some brand new ads from us here at Internet Profits. And this is our first one that we’re going to be using. I’m gonna be dressing up in this stuff. You’re probably going to have a good laugh at me.

The Matrix Advertising Test

But what is it that we’re doing?… We’re recreating a scene from The Matrix. The movie, The Matrix, where Morpheus and Neo sat down opposite each other in those kind of chairs. Both sitting there, and he’s about to offer Neo the blue pill or the red pill.


So we’ve got some awesome stuff lined up for our video marketing, so that we can get our message in front of more of the right people. We’re looking to be more creative, have more fun, create more engaging, more interactive advertising. And this is just the beginning.

We’re getting all of this stuff delivered – we’ve had to search high and low across the country to get these two chairs. And we managed to find two secondhand and get them driven from the other end of the country, and they arrived first thing this morning.

We've Got Some Awesome Advertising Tests Lined Up For Our Video Marketing
We’ve Got Some Awesome Advertising Tests Lined Up For Our Video Marketing

Now just to share a little message about what you can take away from this for your business, and for what you’re doing… Well, you HAVE to be advertising. You have to be continually advertising to attract enough of the right people into your business.

If you’re not placing ads, and if you’re not getting your messaging in front of the right people through your targeting and your advertisements, then how on earth are you ever going to grow? How on earth are you ever going to accomplish your goals? You’re just not going to.

See what we’re doing here…

Getting More Creative, Creating Ads

But you don’t have to get this creative if you don’t want to. You don’t have to recreate like this, you don’t have to spend money on setting and scenery, and things like that.

Grab A Camera And Share Something That's Working In Your Business
Grab A Camera And Share Something That’s Working In Your Business

You could just grab a camera and share something that’s working in your business – the simplest video marketing. And make your audience an offer – make an offer to your marketplace.

Perhaps that offer is to join you in your Facebook group. Or perhaps that offer is to read a blog post of yours, or maybe to download a free case study, video or report that you’ve written, or even to attend a webinar.

Your offer could be a low-risk product – y’know, a free plus shipping offer – a low ticket front-end offer, if they’ve never done business with you before. But the key is to always be testing and always be advertising.

Some people say, “Dean, I don’t have the money for ads.” Well the reason you don’t have money for ads is because you’re not placing ads, and are not properly engaged in free traffic strategies.

Always Be Testing And Always Be Advertising
Always Be Testing And Always Be Advertising

Because you don’t always have to do paid traffic – there are free traffic strategies. And understandably, some people have to begin that way.

But just understand… The sooner you can get to paid advertising, the sooner you can take more control over the outcome of your business. The sooner you can have a more sustainable and scalable business.

We All Only Have So Many Hours In Each Day

So if you’re relying on free advertising strategies – whilst that can be a springboard to get up and running – it can start you getting traffic and customers…

…You then need to be looking to reinvest that money back into your business, to get more customers, more scale, and more sustainability.

So anyway, this is us for today. Thanks for watching. If you got value from this, please Like, please share – and I will, of course, see you back here in another episode of The Drive. Until then, goodbye for now.

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